Guideline about PAT Testing for Rental Properties

People who are renting out the property or selling it should know they are liable to do PAT testing of property. Actually it is very important that you make the property completely safe and secure and then rent it out. Otherwise you have to pay legal penalty for any damages that will happen to the tenants. So yes whenever you will think about renting out or selling the property whether commercial or domestic. You should prefer to hire the certified electrician so that he would test all the electrical appliances that are present. Here in this article we are discussing about things that you must know about PAT testing of the rental properties.

>>) Know the Exact Meaning of PAT Testing:

Actually, you should know that in Portable Appliance Testing (PAT test) you have to test all the electrical appliances for safety purposes. This testing includes some visual testing and electrical testing by using test equipment.  Basically appliances which have passed out the test are safe to use until the next testing date. The tester will attach the sticker that will indicate signs of Pass or fail.  Normally there are almost 12 month’s difference between tests, and yes, it can be between 6 to 24 months depending upon the condition of equipment. So yes, we can say that the cost of PAT testing for landlords can vary according to the number of appliances.

>>) How Long PAT Testing will Remain Valid:

The next thing that is not cleared for different people is that after how many times they have to do PAT testing of their appliances. So they should know that there is no specific amount of time limit after which you have to perform PAT testing. You can simply do it after 6 weeks, 1 month or after every 6 months. All this time period actually depends upon the usage of the appliances.

>>) Why you should Consider PAT Testing:

Other than that, you should know reasons to carry out the PAT testing. Keep in mind that it is a legal responsibility to carry out Pat testing in the property, especially if you are thinking to rent it out or sell.  Other than that, keep in mind that PAT testing is not compulsory for private landlords or people who are buying homes to live. So yes, keep in mind that in PAT testing you have to check all the electrical appliances present in the home. It will help you to keep everything safe and secure so that it won’t harm the tenant in any case. Otherwise you have to pay for the damages.

>>) How to Visually Inspect the Appliance:

Actually, when you will hire the PAT testers they will visually test the appliances and see where the problem actually lies and which part is not working accurately and need repairmen. Actually, in the low risky appliance you can easily do visual testing by yourself without hiring PAT testers. So to visually inspect the appliances you have to see the following parts so that you could indicate the issue as quickly as possible:

1- You should prefer to see cracked or damaged plug or its casing
2- After that repair the damaged wiring if any
3- Then you have to check all the signs of overheating
4- Check if there are any damaged plug pins

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate