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What are Emergency Lights?

Emergency lighting is primarily used to help people escape from a building in the event of fire or other emergencies. It can also be used to illuminate safety equipment. Emergency lights are essential in office or apartment blocks or any other buildings in which a loss of normal lighting would significantly hinder escape. Every Building owner should possess an emergency lighting certificate.

Single ‘stand-alone’ escape lighting units may be sufficient in small premises and these can sometimes be combined with exit or directional signs. In larger more complex premises a more comprehensive system of fixed automatic escape lighting is likely to be needed. This will be particularly true in premises with extensive basements or where there are significant numbers of staff or members of the public.

Emergency Lights

An emergency escape lighting system should normally cover the following:

  • each exit door
  • escape routes
  • intersections of corridors
  • outside each final exit and on external escape routes
  • emergency escape signs
  • stairways so that each flight receives adequate light
  • changes in floor level
  • windowless rooms and toilet accommodation exceeding eight square meters
  • fire-fighting equipment
  • fire alarm call points
  • equipment that would need to be shut down in an emergency
  • lifts
  • areas in premises greater than 60 square meters


Electrical and Gas Safety Certificates are a legal requirement and can only be authorized by ELECSA, NICEIC, NAPIT, and Gas Safe registered electrician and engineers. They will verify that all electrical parts and gas appliances such as plug sockets fuse boxes and even the wiring is working properly and safe for the use of your tenants.

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How you can get Emergency Lighting Installation Certificate?

Landlord Safety Certificate can install new emergency lights and carry out regular emergency lighting testing. Testing involves, among other things, making sure that the lighting tubes illuminate properly and that the backup battery lasts long enough to allow the building to be fully evacuated. If any problems are found during a routine test, we will resolve them and all problems will be noted in a log book. Tests should be conducted once a month.

You may be required by UK law to provide an emergency lighting certificate for your property. If you are not sure, you may give us a call on 0208 146 8677. If emergency lighting is required, we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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