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How do you ensure that your boiler is safe to use?

It is important to get your gas boiler breakdown cover serviced or replaced at least once a year to ensure it remains safe to use and continues to operate with maximum efficiency. If not maintained properly, boilers can release poisonous carbon monoxide. They can also pose a fire risk. Below is the Checklist for Boiler Repair London.

Checklist for Boiler Repair London:

It is advisable to look for evidence of problems with your boiler on a regular basis and not wait for the boiler service london. Things to look out for include unusual noises coming from the boiler, a lack of hot water, corrosion, and leaks.

Boiler Repair Service


Electrical and Gas Safety Certificates are a legal requirement and can only be authorized by ELECSA, NICEIC, NAPIT, and Gas Safe registered electrician and engineers. They will verify that all electrical parts and gas appliances such as plug sockets fuse boxes and even the wiring is working properly and safe for the use of your tenants.

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Health and Safety Standards

Once we have finished servicing your boiler, we will replace the casing and tidy up the work area. You will then be able to rest assured that everything has been done to ensure that your boiler is safe to use.
Our engineers are highly trained and comply with all health and safety standards when it comes to boiler repair in London. They carry out their work with a minimum amount of disruption.
Contact us on 0208 146 8677 to find out boiler repair cost in London or to arrange a visit by one of our engineers. We are able to send an engineer to any location in London or the surrounding areas.

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Really easy to communicate with, great price, quick to book the gas inspection and the certificate was received by end of day. Brilliant all round service and will definitely be using them again.

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I have requested for a gas service checked and have done it properly, however the tenant screwed up the problem again and I will need to arrange again. I really appreciate your manager Zee, he really did help a lot with this issue. Big thanks to him.

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Friendly and Proffesional. keen to a good job.Good communication and resloved my queries quickly 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you see water or gas leaking from your boiler, act fast. This could be a sign that the pipes inside have corroded due to oxygen mixed with metal and creating oxides which leads them both issuing out into our world as we know it -ably-and not good at all! If you face boiler leak so it is always advisable to hire an expert to diagnose and repair the leaks.

The cost of repairing your boilers will depend on the problem you’re experiencing, but it’s hard to put an exact figure on how much something might be worth. The average price for just one job could range from £100-£500 depending on what needs fixing and where in Great Britain they live!

If there are issues with cleaning or replacing parts like flues (which can get damaged easily), then these tend not so costly compared other problems that require more extensive work such as heat exchangers which could end up costing over 400 pounds if not correctly installed at installation time.

You might think that your home insurance will cover the cost of fixing or replacing a broken boiler, but this is usually not true. This issue often originates from lack of good maintenance and regular servicing which means you’ll need separate cover for these repairs as well!

The law requires that all boilers, whether they’re in rented accommodation or not, need an annual service.

Working with gas is a complex and dangerous task that requires extensive training, knowledge, experience. The consequences of doing so without the necessary skills are hugely harmful – even if it’s not technically illegal.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate