How to Change a fuse in a fuse box: How to Replace a Tripped Fuse in a Fuse Box?

So, if your fuse box got tripped and now you want to know how you have to replace the tripped fuse box there here is complete guide about it. Always keep in mind that you have to turn off all your electrical appliances present in your home before starting the work. Just like prefer to turn off the lights and also turn off your boiler. Switching off these appliances is important just because overload is main reason for this tripping. You can do it by yourself but if you will get electrical safety certificate then it will be best solution for this issue. Here in this article we are explaining the procedure of changing and repairing the tripped fuse.

Procedure of changing a Tripped Fuse in a Fuse Box:

o For changing the tripped fuse box, you have to turn off the main fuse box. For this you have to simply turn off the main power switch.

o After that you have to test which fuse is not working by using test carriers. After inspecting now, you know which fuse is not working and which you have to replace.

o You should prefer to switch off all the appliances if the blustered fuse has affected a entire power circuit.

o After that you simply have to replace all the broken fuse wires and swap the fuse wire.

Procedure of replacing a fuse wire:

o For replacing the fuse wire, you have to buy the wire first but make sure it meets the right amp rating.

o Firstly, you have to loosen all the terminal screws present on the old fuse and after that simply remove the broken wire.

o After that you have to cut the new fuse wire and simply wrap it around both terminal bolts and then simply cross the fuse carrier.

o Turn it around in the clockwise direction, and then wind the wire all around one of the terminal screw.

o After that you have to tighten this terminal bolt into its own place.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate