7 Ways to Prevent Trips, Slips and Falls in the Home

As we all know lots if accidents use to happen at the work place due to slips, falls and trips even at home or at the workplace. Most of these accidents happens while cleaning the office or home place. Actually these type of minor trips and falls could also lead towards causing some major injury that’s why it is very important that you take all the precautionary measures to keep yourself safe and protected from all these mishaps. Here in this article we are discussing some most common ways that you can opt to prevent these type of slip and trip accidents at your home or office:

1. Prefer to Wear Accurate Footwear to Prevent Trips Slips and falls:

First thing that you should do for preventing these type of splits and falls is to wear proper type of footwear. Make sure it shouldn’t be slippery and other than that it should be comfortable to wear so that you could wear it whole day.

2. Prefer to Use Anti-Slip Mats Allover:

Next thing that you should prefer to do is to use different types of anti slip mats on different places. Because normally ground use to become slick very quickly especially from the sloped and smooth surfaces. Other than that you should prefer to keep proper traction on the slippery surfaces and clean it as soon as you notice it on the floor.

3. Prefer to Keep the House and Office Clean:

Next thing that is most important to prevent accidents both at workplace and in the house is to do regular cleaning. Because there are chances that there would be spillover, water droplets, wrappers that could become the reason of slips and falls. So if floors will be cleaned on daily basis then you can simply prevent from some major accidents that could happen.

4. Prefer to Predict Accidents Before they Happen:

Next thing that is very important is to install proper lighting in the doorways, steps, garage and basements so that you could made everything visible. This visibility will lead towards preventing some major accidents, slips, trips and falls.

5. Prefer to Get All the Temporary Trip Hazards:

Next thing that you can so is to use proper signage especially in the workplaces, where there will be chances of causing slip, falls, trips and other accidents. Most of the time these type of barricade tape, signage and cones are used by cleaners so that people would know that this place is wet and you shouldn’t go there.

6. Prefer to Mark Out Vibrant Passageways:

Other than that cleaners should prefer to use floor tape for making the exact passage to guide people that they have to walk through this passage. Other than that you can simply use this tape for pointing out the areas that are restricted and there are chances of slip, trips and falls.

7. Prefer to Post Correct Safety Signs:

Next thing that you should prefer to take care of while cleaning in the home or at workplace is that you have to use the correct signage. And don’t remove the safety board until and unless you are completely sure that this place is safe to use. That’s the most important part that you should opt to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate