How to Fix a Leaking Boiler: Water Dripping From Boiler

Boiler leaking and dripping is not good. It affects the efficiency of the boiler and if ignored it can become a safety hazard. If you have a boiler that is dripping and leaking then you should fix a boiler without any delay. 

Fix Boiler Leak

You should choose the gas boiler breakdown cover that will take care of the leaks and the boiler will start working perfectly.

Here is a brief guide that can help you in fixing boiler leaking and dripping.

Fix Boiler Leakage – Step-by-Step


  • Call Professional to Fix Leak

If the leak is big and you cannot fix it by yourself then the best bet is to call a professional because fixing a leak by yourself is not a good idea. Before the professional arrives, take care of the leak by following the next steps.

Hire Professional to Fix Boiler

  • Turn Off Water Supply

While you are waiting you need to find a way to stop the puddle from growing. Turn the water supply off so you do not waste any more water. You can stop the boiler’s water supply by turning off the internal stop tap.

  • Switch Off Central Heating System

If you use central heating then you need to switch off the heating system as well. Just like all the other appliances the boiler needs to be disconnected from all the utilities while it is repaired.

  • Drain the Stored Boiler Water

The boiler always has water in it so before you start repairing you need to drain the boiler completely. Simply turn on the tap and it will allow you to get rid of all the water. You can speed up the process by turning on all the taps of the house. Once there is no water coming from the taps you the boiler is empty and ready for the repair.

  • Mop up the Puddle

When the boiler is leaking there tends to be a puddle under it and you need to mop up the puddle so that the plumber finds it easier to fix the problem and it will also decrease the water damage.

  • Wait for the Technician

Once you have taken care of all the above steps you should just need to sit tight and wait for the technician. He will have all necessary tools and solutions to fix the leak immediately and the steps given above will make the process much easier for the technician to fix the issue.

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