Overloaded Socket: How to Avoid Overloading Extension Sockets

Electricity is a blessing but it is essential that you use them carefully because they can be hazardous. Overloading sockets are used a lot and they can easily get overloaded if you are not careful. It is essential that you take precautionary measures to avoid any electrical hazard. Get a landlord electrical safety certificate so that you know the property is safe.

Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to avoid overloading sockets.

  • Check Current Rating of Extension Lead and Appliance

Before you plug any appliances in the extension cord you need to check the current rating of the extension lead that you are using. The leads that are commonly available are rated 13A or less. 

Balanced Socket Usage

You should also current rating and wattage of the appliances as well. Knowing the current rating is important because it will let you know whether you can plug in a certain appliance in the extension socket or not.

  • Use One Extension Lead Per Socket

If you do not want to overload the extension socket then you need to make sure that you only use one extension per socket.

Using 5AMP per Socket

  • Use Multiway Bar Extension

Using a block adapter is not a good idea because many of them are not safe. They do not have a fuse and it is better not to use it. If your donor wants to face the risk of fire then you should use a Multiway bar extension instead of a block adapter.

  • Keep an Eye Out for Danger Signs

It is essential that you are observant and can spot the danger signs of an overloaded extension socket so you can prevent serious damage. Regularly check for signs like scorch marks around the socket, plug or appliance, sparks, tripping fuse, colored wires showing up from inside the leads at the plug.

  • Have Additional Sockets Installed

additional socket

When you regularly use extension cables and adaptors, you may want to install additional sockets. This additional socket will become handy when any other socket stops working or you want to connect more electrical devices. The installation should also be carried out by a registered electrician

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate