Why does My Boiler Keep Turning Off: Boiler Keep Switching Off – What to Do?

So if you are facing issue with your boiler and it gets automatically tripped off then you should prefer to contact the boiler repair London or else you can do it by yourself if you are trained enough. Here in this article we are discussing some tips that you should prefer to apply when your boiler keep switching off.

Boiler Keep Switching Off By Itself:

Sometimes boilers get tripped off due to lack of water, when the water level present in the boiler gets to its lowest limit then it automatically gets tripped off. Actually, your boiler is getting over heated, that’s why it gets turned off simply for safety purpose otherwise, it could even melt. There are other reasons also due to which this issue is caused.

  • A valve could be closed:

Maybe there will be any valve present that stops the water flow due to which the boiler keep switching off. For this you should prefer to check all the valves and make sure water flow is OK.

  • Water pressure could be low:

Another reason of this tripping could be low pressure of water, for this you should prefer to check all the ;leakage and repair it if you find any.

  • There could be a thermostat issue:

Another reason of this tripping of boiler could be old or broken thermostat. For this you have to replace all the faulty thermostats all along with a newer model so that you could make it energy efficient

  • Air could be present in the system:

Another reason of this tripping could be the air present in the system. For this you should prefer to remove all the air present inside it.

  • Heat exchanger could be broken:

Other than that if the heat exchanger is broken, that could also cause the boiler to get switch off. For repairing this you have to completely replace it.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate