5 Hidden Costs of Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance

It is a legal obligation of every occupied building to install emergency lighting. They are essential for ensuring safety of the occupants. The lights make sure that people get out of the building safely. They minimize the damage and keep people calm and safe during an emergency. Investing in an emergency lighting testing London is important. It makes sure that they are functioning properly when you need them.

Installing emergency lighting has hidden costs and you need to keep them in mind. Here are a few hidden costs that you will have to pay so that the lights are in perfect condition.

Fitting Replacement In Case of Battery Failure:

If the emergency lighting fails the six-monthly testing then it is time to replace them. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then you should isolate the circuit. It will allow you to replace and fix the faulty component. The failure usually occurs because of bad battery so isolating it will solve the problem.

Invest in emergency lights that have features of easy removal.  The easy removal features make maintenance and upgrade easy and less time-consuming. These features save you money as well.

Coordinating Emergency Lighting Testing:

It is important that the occupants of the building are aware of testing. They need to know about the disruption that can affect their daily activities. You can avoid causing any inconvenience by investing in monitored emergency lighting systems. There are luminaries that have self-test functionality. They allow you to carry out the test without disrupting occupant’s lives. You can save the money in the long run as it will save you the cost of notifying the occupants and coordinating the testing.

Fixing the Faults in Emergency Lighting Circuits:

The emergency lighting circuits can trip because of many reasons. Some reasons include short circuit, thermal overload, and moisture ingress. Hiring a qualified electrician is costly and finding the fault is time-consuming. To save time and money you should invest in emergency lighting with smart connect base. It allows you to easily remove the light fitting and makes it possible to find the fault off-line and replace it.

The Pressure of Certifying the Building:

It is the legal obligation of a building manager or the owner to pass emergency lighting test London. They have to submit the emergency lighting certifications to local authorities. The pressure of providing fresh emergency certificates is too much. Every six months the landlord has to submit them. They often have to pay extra as they make premium payments so they can avoid penalties.

Invest in emergency lighting design with simple battery changeover as it a better choice. You can buy a stock of spare emergency battery packs and get building certification on time.

Cleaning Emergency Lights:

Cleaning is important for the efficiency of emergency lighting.  The light levels can reduce significantly as dirt accumulates on the lighting. You can control maintenance time and cost by choosing lighting that is easy to remove.

It will make the cleaning simple and keep them efficient. Install lights that connect to separate base so there is no entry point for insects. These emergency light options may cost more but they are also more rewarding.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate