Boiler Not Igniting: 6 Reasons Why Your Gas Boiler is not Igniting

The efficiency of a boiler depends significantly on its maintenance. It is important to get a boiler service certificate to ensure that the boiler is functioning to the best of its ability. There can be problems with the boiler’s functionality and to be safe it is important to have a general idea about the nature and solution of the problem.

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Reasons Behind the Gas Boiler unable to Ignite

If your gas boiler is not igniting the hot water and the central heating then here are the potential reasons behind the problem.

1) A fault with the Gas valve

The flow of the gas from the boiler is controlled by a gas valve. The valve opens up when more heat is required so that it can give more fuel and when the water is up to the desired temperature and then it goes back to its original position.

The problem with boiler ignition can occur if there are any blockages in the valve or seizures or there is some damage to the wired connections. Incorrect adjustment of the valve can also be a reason behind the problem.

2) Deficient Gas Pressure

It is also not possible to ignite a boiler if there is a problem with the gas supply. Testing the gas pressure as it goes into the gas meter, out of the gas meter, and to the boiler will help in determining whether the gas supply is your problem or not.

If the boiler is having difficulty in lighting up only during the cold weather the problem is most likely with the gas meter. The gas meters are equipped with regulators and they can freeze when the temperature is low. If you lag the regulator and gas meter then the problem will be solved.

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3) Blockage in the Burner

When gas is burned in a boiler is produces carbon which means that the gas can get clogged in the burner. If the burner is not cleaned and it continues to gather carbon then it will start running inconsistently and finally fail to ignite.

Cleaning out the burner will solve the problem easily. If the burner is too old and damaged then you should replace it.

4) Ignition Lead and Electrode

If you hear a clicking or ticking noise while trying to ignite the boiler then there is an issue with the ignition lead and the electrode. If there is any fault in these parts then replacing them is a much better and affordable solution than fixing them.

5) Fan not Operational

The fan used in a boiler helps in creating a draught. Its function is to push the harmful gases from the boiler into the flue. After that, the gases are taken out of the property. If the gas boiler is not igniting and you cannot hear the fan then the non-functioning fan is your problem.

6) Pilot Light Off

If the boiler is not igniting and the pilot light is off then it is an indication of blockage in the jet. The jet of the pilot light is really small and it can get blocked easily. You can solve the issue by replacing the jets as they are pretty cheap.

If your boiler is failing to ignite then you should always consult an expert and get a Gas Safe engineer to fix the problem.

[Solution] Fixing Gas Boiler Ignition Issue

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The gas boiler needs a bit of electric current to ignite, so it’s wise to check your electricity breakers to ensure that the electric supply is not cut off, after that, you can check your thermostat setting and check or increase the temperature settings to troubleshoot the problem.

Boilers often reset after a power cut, hence you should also rearrange the timer if it’s causing the issue. Also, keep a check on your gas supply and make sure it is turned on. If everything is good with the boiler then check your fuse box to see if your boiler breaker is turned on or off.

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