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Fire Safety Assessment

Landlord are responsible for the fire safety of their tenants. Whilst this is a clear enough statement, the considerations and precautions to be took are challenging. The range of rental properties spanning from single household occupancy to large HMOs or combined residential/commercial properties is wide, especially when taking into account the multitude of occupier profiles (families, disabled or elderly people, drug abuser, etc ). Due to this Landlord must find a suitable degree of protection for their particular properties and tenants.

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Gas Safety Certificate

To ensure your tenants’ safety, all gas appliance and flues need to undergo an annual gas safety check- and always by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Once this has been done, you’ll be given a Landlord Gas Safety Record or Gas Safety certificate with details of all checks that were carried out. it can also be referred to as a CP12 certificate. You can arrange for gas safety check to be carried out of any time from 10-12 months after the last check, without affecting the original check expire date. If it’s less then 10 or more than 12 month after the last check, you’ll end up with a new deadline date-12 moths from the most recent check Appliances owned by your tenants aren’t your responsibility-although it’s still up to you to ensure the safety of any connecting flues, unless they’re solely connected to the tenants’ appliance and to also follow health and safety regulations.


Electrical and Gas Safety Certificates are a legal requirement and can only be authorized by ELECSA, NICEIC, NAPIT, and Gas Safe registered electrician and engineers. They will verify that all electrical parts and gas appliances such as plug sockets fuse boxes and even the wiring is working properly and safe for the use of your tenants.

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Lаndlоrd Elесtrісіtу Safety

In order to prove that your property is safe and following all health and safety rules, the electrical installation needs to be inspected every five years. Landlord health and safety requirements are very important and should not be overlooked. You should only employ a registered electrician who is specially assessed to carry out the electrical safety check on the property. Using an electrician who is registered with a competent person scheme means that you have more protection and a complaints resolution procedure in the rare event anything goes wrong Following the inspection, the registered electrician will issue you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which will either formally declare that the installation is safe for continued use, or highlight any suggestion or urgent repairs that need to be made.

A copy of the EICR must be provided to both new retained tenants . If the Inspection has stated that remedial work is necessary, you can check whether your electrician is able to carry out the work or find a registered electrician by searching again, this time selecting the option ‘To carry out installation or remedial work’. Any remedial work or further investigation following the inspection must be addressed within 28 days, with written confirmation that the work has been completed provided to the tenant and Local Authority You do not need to have check carried out on change of tenancy, as long as these fall within the five year period, but a copy of the ECIR should be provided to new tenants. These and more are part of the services we provided for Landlord health and safety London

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