Reasons For High Electric Bill: 4 Main Reasons for Unusually High Electric Bills

Electricity is a blessing as it has brought so much comfort in our life, but it is not a luxury that comes cheap. The energy demands are increasing every day, and with the demand, the energy bills are also increasing. They have been increasing gradually over the years so the slight increase in the electricity bills every year is understandable. 

high Electricity Bills

But if there is a sharp increase in the electricity bill then it is something to worry about. If your electricity is significantly higher than usual, then the first thing you should do is contact the energy supplier to check if any error has been made regarding the bill. If the bill is error-free, then you should and pay the EICR report cost London and get the electrical system checked.

Here are some reasons that can cause the electricity consumption to suddenly increase resulting in a high electricity bill.

  • Damaged Wiring

The faulty electrical wiring is extremely dangerous and it can lead to a serious home emergency like house fires or electrocution. The wires can become worn out, loose and frayed with time, especially those installed in crawl spaces. It is important that the wires are regularly visually inspected so that you can spot the damage before it can become dangerous and do any serious damage.

If the wires are not in perfect condition then they heat up easily and they also cause the appliances to heat up resulting in high consumption of electricity. If the appliances are constantly heating up and the bills are increasing sharply, then check the wiring to identify deterioration so that you can do the required maintenance.

  • Faulty Appliances

Appliances like dishwasher, refrigerators, and air conditioning are an important part of the house and they are also the biggest energy consumers in the house. If you are using these appliances as normally as you do, but the electricity bill has increased, then there is some fault in the appliance that is causing it to consume more energy than usual.

The faulty appliances can overheat and potentially set the fire. They can also break down and cause a lot of inconveniences. Faulty appliances can also cause electrocution that can be fatal. If you observe that any of the appliances are consuming too much energy and not working efficiently then need to get them checked by a professional.

  •  Inefficient Meter

If the house’s electric meter is not working properly, it can significantly increase the electricity bill. You can check whether the meter is faulty or not by simply switching off all mains electricity and see if the meter is still going up or not. If the meter is still running even if everything is turned off then you should call an electrician so that it can be fixed.

  • Energy Efficiency of the House

The inefficiency of the house can also lead to high electricity bills. If all the appliances and wiring are in good condition and you are still getting high electricity bills, then you should check the insulation. If it is cracked or worn out, then you should upgrade it.

Saving Money on Electricity

If your bills are over the roof then you can save 10-30% on your electricity bill costs by just following these simple tips:

  • Use Solar Energy
  • Keep Temperatures Steady for Appliances
  • Use less Heater & Cooler
  • Remove unused Plugs
  • Change AC Filter Frequently
  • Use Energy-Efficient LEDs

high Electricity Bills

Electricity Saving Tips

If there is no technical fault with your meter and electrical bills are high due to your consumption, then these tips are going to help you a lot in bringing down your electricity expenses.

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Landlord Safety Certificate