Why is My Radiator Cold: Why My Radiator Has Gone Cold?

Radiators are an important installation because they keep the house warm and cozy. It the best option when it comes to selecting the heating source because it is the most efficient one. If you want the radiator to work properly then you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. If the radiator has gone cold and not heating the place then you need to find the problem and fix it.

Here are some potential reasons that the Radiator Has Gone Cold.

  • The radiator can go cold if the thermostatic valve of the radiator is turned off. Turn the valve on and the radiator should start working.
  • If the thermostatic radiator valve has a buildup of scale then the radiator will have difficulty heating up. You can fix the problem by simply tapping the control pin.
  • You should check the head assembly of the thermostatic radiator because if it will affect the performance of the radiator.
  • If the lock shield side of the radiator is cold but the flow side is hot then you check the valve of the lock shield and see if it is turned off.
  • The pipework that is often present below the level of feeding pipes can get airlock and the radiator will stop heating.
  • If the radiator on the top is not heating up but it is heating at the bottom then you need to check the level of the water. It happens when the water level is low.
  • If the radiator has gone cold on the top then there is a buildup of sludge in the bottom radiators.
  • The controller or the tine switch is not switching on at the right time.
  • The setting of the thermostat is too low.
  • The circulation pump is blocked or broken then the radiator will stop heating.
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Landlord Safety Certificate