Boiler Not Firing up for Central Heating – 4 Reasons

The boiler is an important part of a comfortable house and if you want to keep the house comfy and functional then you have to make sure that the boiler is running efficiently. If there is anything wrong with the boiler (e.g boiler pressure is too high or boiler not firing up) then you need to take some help from boiler repair London so that the professionals can take a look at the boiler.

If the boiler is not firing up the central heating then you need to look for the trouble signs or get it fixed. There are a number of reasons that can stop the functionality of the boiler and performance of central heating.

Here are some of the causes behind the failure of the boiler to start the central heating.

  • Issues with the Thermostat

boiler Thermostat

Sometimes if the Boiler is not firing up the central heating the problem could be pretty simple as the thermostat is not turned on or the setting is not right. It may seem like a simple and basic thing but it can have a negative impact on the functionality of the boiler. 

First, check that the thermostat is turned on. If it is turned on then you need to take a look at the setting. If the setting is too low then it can be the problem as well. The central heating will not start until the temperature of the room is lower than the temperature of the room. Turn the thermostat to its highest setting and see if the problem is solved.

  • Boiler Pressure is not Enough

Boiler Pressures Explained

Keep Boiler Pressures between 1 and 2

If the water pressure of the boiler is not right then it will have difficulty in starting the central heating. If you want the domestic boiler to do its work then the water pressure should be one bar. The one bar is marked on the pressure dial so it will be easy for you to identify if the pressure is not right. If the boiler does not have adequate pressure then it will not be able to operate.

  • Pipes are Frozen

Frozen Boiler Pipe

The boiler will not be able to start the central heating if the condensate pipe is frozen. The condensate pipe is available at the back of the boiler. If the pipe is frozen then you need to defrost it so that the boiler starts working. 

But make sure that you thaw the frozen pipe safely as you do not want to damage the pipe. If you do not know how to defrost it then you should take some help from the professionals.

  • Timer is not set Properly

Boiler Timer

The central heating will only turn on at the times that it is programmed to turn on through the boiler. If the central heating is not turning on then it is possible that the setting of the timer is not right. Try adjusting the timer and then see if the central heating fires up at the set time or not.

Other Potential Reasons

Some of the other potential reasons for lack of boiler functionality include:

  • Damaged diaphragm
  • Stuck or degraded diverter valve
  • Loose electrical wiring

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions and the boiler is still not firing up the central heating then it is time to call the professionals and let them solve the problem.

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