How to Get an EPC Certificate: 6 Steps to Get an EPC Certificate for Your Property

An energy performance certificate is an important and essential document. It offers an indication to the potential buyers and tenants that the property is energy efficient. The certificate has information about the energy costs of the building and also offers suggestions to improve the EPC rating. A good EPC rating is helpful in enhancing the value of the property and getting good rent.

EPC Ratings

An EPC also makes sure that the property is fulfilling all the energy regulations. It will make sure that the electricity is safe to use and there are no hazards. Properties in the UK need to pay EPC certificate cost because you need it when you are selling or renting the place.

Steps to get an EPC

Step 1: Verify your EPC Certification Eligibility

You need to verify that you need an EPC certificate. Not every property is legally required to get the certificate. You can still get a certificate even if it is not a legal requirement because it will offer you great suggestions and peace of mind.

But if you do not plan on getting one make sure that your property is not on the list of properties that require the certificate. It will make sure you do not get in legal trouble.

Step 2: Call and Accredited Assessors

To determine the energy efficiency of the property, you will need an accredited assessor. You need to hire a qualified person because otherwise, the EPC will not be valid.

Step 3: Schedule Meeting with Assessor

You need to schedule a meeting because you need to be available for the assessment. The assessor needs to carry out the testing in the presence of the owner. You need to show the assessor around the property so that you are available to answer any questions.

Keep in mind that it can take about an hour, so make sure that you have the time.

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Step 4: Get an EPC Cost Estimation

The cost of the EPC assessor can vary, so you have to get an estimate. You can get a quote from the assessor to get an idea of how much it cost you. Different assessors have different rates. You can find the rates that are suitable for your budget.

Step 5: Wait for EPC Results

Once the assessor has assessed the place, they will take some time to give the results so that you can take the required action. There are some services that can give you the EPC in just twenty-four hours. 

You can get the certificate in your email. 

The email will contain a rating that will determine the efficiency of the place. The EPC rating starts from and goes down to G. A is considered the highest rating, and with the next letter, the rating keeps decreasing.

EPC Grading

Step 6: Locate to EPC Website

You can find the EPC certificate on the EPC Register Website as well. The website can answer all the requests and inquiries about EPC. You can find a copy entering the report reference number or address of the house to find the certificate.

Follow these steps, and you will have no problem getting the EPC and making sure that you have the right document.

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