Fire Alarm System Components: 5 Important Components of the Fire Alarm System

When you are identifying hazards of a property so that you can take precautionary measures to protect your property and lives, you should never forget the fire hazard. Fire is an extremely dangerous hazard because it is uncertain. It can break out suddenly and engulf the whole building within minutes.

It is important that you take all the possible precautionary measures to prevent a fire hazard and minimize the damage in case of a fire. The fire alarm system is crucial for the safety of the property, so make sure that you can keep the property safe from fire. 

The fire system offers smoke detectors, CO alarms and fire alarms that give protection against fire hazard. If you want to invest in a good fire alarm system then you need to understand its components. Here are a few basic components:

  • The Fire Alarm Panel

The main control panel of the system is the fire alarm panel. The whole system is controlled by the panel. The functioning of all the connected components is monitored by the panel. If there is anything wrong with the system, the panel will alert you, and you will be able to take the required steps to avoid too much damage.

  • Initiating Device

The initiating devices are all connected to the main control panel. When the system is initiated, an alarm is sent off by the initiating devices so that the people are alerted to the danger. The initiating devices are mostly the detectors like beam detectors, heat detectors, pressure type switches, smoke detectors, etc. The detectors are triggered and keep the people safe from a fire outbreak.

Fire Alarm System Components

  • The Power Supply

The fire alarm systems operate on electricity and they need a power supply from the primary power box of the property. The power supply should be from the primary power supply, and it should be known as the primary power supply. 

There needs to be a secondary power supply so the fire security system keeps on operating even if there is a power cut. The secondary power supply includes generators and batteries that keep the system running even if there is a blackout.

  • The Notification Devices

The role of the fire alarm system is to notify the people if there any danger of fire. There is no point in installing a system if it is unable to notify the people. These devices also notify if there is any maintenance needed for the system. The notification devices use a variety of methods to alert people. 

They use sound, light and sometimes both to alert people. These types of devices are known by a variety of names like horns, strobes, bells, audio/voice evacuation systems, and horn/strobes combinations.

  • Other Components

The above-mentioned parts are an essential part of the fire alarm system. But apart from those parts, there are other components of the system as well. Some of the other parts of the system include silencing modules, audio amplifier, LED module, LCD display, IP gateway, graphics interface, isolation, an annunciator, optic converters, etc.

Fire Alarm Components

The fire alarm system is the perfect tool for keeping the property safe and sound.

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