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What are your legal obligations regarding fire safety risk assessment?

All commercial premises must undergo a fire safety risk assessment in accordance with UK law. Usually the responsibility for carrying out the fire risk assessment lies with the person, or people, who control the property. Any property which is open to the public must also be given a fire risk assessment. Likewise, any property that is being sold should be assessed for fire risks.

Why do you need to get a fire safety risk assessment certificate?

Although it’s impossible to fully eliminate the risk of a fire breaking out in your property, a fire safety risk assessment certificate can help to significantly reduce that risk and put measures in place to keep people safe in the event that a fire does break out.

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Qualified Professionals for Fire Safety Risk Assessment

It is advisable to entrust the fire safety risk assessment London to qualified professionals, especially if the property in need of an assessment is large or complex.

Landlord Safety Certificate can send qualified assessors to any location across London and surrounding areas. Call us on 0208 146 8677 to receive a free no-obligation quote on fire safety risk assessment cost.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate