3 Ways to Prevent Boiler Breakdown in The Month of February

According to the survey most of the boiler breakdown happens at the start of winter season that might be the start of month February. This use to happen because that’s the season in which boilers are used so frequently and sometimes whole day even. According to the information shared with landlord insurer that use to repair the boilers of different houses in the month of February almost 163% of people use to face with the issues of boilers that is very much higher than the monthly average repairs.

He also claimed that when he compares the results with last year then there was a 27% increase in overall cases of boiler brake down claims. Actually, all these breakdowns use to happen because people don’t just prefer to maintain the boilers of their house entire year and when the winter start in the month of February they just turn it on and start using to its full capacity, that become the reason of boiler breakdown. So, if you are suffering from the same situation or want to prevent this situation to happen to you then you should prefer to follow these points that will help you to prevent the boiler breakdown.

Prefer to choose the right boiler:

First thing that you should prefer to do for preventing the boiler breakdown is to get the best company’s boiler. Especially if your previous boiler is not in a good condition and the repair charges are more than average of the price of new boiler then you should prefer to get the new boiler instead of repairing the old one. You will get the new boiler in very reasonable price and some companies offer a scheme that you can save up to £652. If you will replace your old boiler with the new one every year.

Prefer to maintain the boiler regularly:

Actually, the average price of gas boiler breakdown cover is almost £242 per year. So be very cautious and avoid paying more than this. Except this servicing contract also covers servicing of other home appliances and emergencies, just like failure of electrical appliances and electricity.  Actually, boiler servicing contracts that offer different types of other extra services just like repairing entire central heating system, providing plumbing repair services and even sorting out issues with drain pipes or there are some contracts that also cover wiring issues also. For this type of contracts, you have to give a monthly charge and whenever there will be any issue mentioned in the contract then these service providers will come and repair it at just one call and within 24 hours.

Get the best boiler service plans:

Basically, people use to have diverse opinions about which plan is best servicing plan for their boilers. But some people think it will be much better option if they get the boiler breakdown cover instead of getting manufacture repair service. Because manufacturer repair services will definitely ask you to wait a lot and they will only repair boiler no other things while other contracts will cover repairing or other things also. That’s why it is much more beneficial.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate