4 Things That Landlords and Tenants Should Know

The landlords of commercial properties have a lot of responsibilities. The safety of the occupants is the landlord’s responsibility so they need to keep the property in the best condition. Maintenance of the property is a huge responsibility. Real Estate is a competitive industry and it is not easy to keep the value of the property high.

People always prefer to rent places that are healthy, energy efficient and properly maintained. It is important that landlords understand their obligations so that they can keep occupants safe and stay out of legal troubles.

Here are a few important things that both landlords and tenants should know so that the property is safe to live in.

Taking Care of Gas Safety:

It is important that the landlord understands the key principals of gas safety. Gas hazards can do a lot of damage so it is essential that proper measures are taken. A gas leak can blow up the whole building as well.

The landlord has the responsibility to ensure that all gas installations are perfect. If you want to make sure that the installation is done correctly you need to hire gas safety services in your area like commercial gas safety certificate Manchester.

Landlords also need to make sure that all the gas and electrical appliances are in perfect working condition. The landlords also need to invest in annual inspections to ensure gas and electrical safety. To carry out inspections you have to hire a gas registered engineer or a professional electrician.

It is important that you are clear about the tenant’s responsibilities regarding safety. Their responsibilities should be a part of the lease so there is no confusion.

The Fittings and Fixtures:

The fittings and fixtures that a landlord installs are his or her responsibility. The maintenance of the fixtures and fittings is also the landlord’s responsibility. You need to do a check before the tenant moves in so that you know if the damage happens after the tenants have moved in. It is always a better idea to take care of fixtures and fittings repairs before the tenants move in.

Keeping Up with Maintenance:

Maintenance is important for ensuring safety and comfort of the building. There are a lot of things that come under the maintenance category. It is important that you clearly define the responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to keep the property in good condition. Getting a survey of the place before a tenant moves in will save both parties from a lot of trouble.

The lease should be crystal clear about the responsibilities. If you want the tenants to do repairs then you need to make sure that the tenants agree to the responsibility.

Carrying Out Health and Safety Assessment:

It is important that the health and safety assessment is carried out by the tenant before they move in. It will make sure that tenants can get rid of the hazards. The landlord should make sure that they have all the essential safety certificates. A landlord should comply with the responsibilities and the tenants should understand the tenant responsibilities regarding health and safety.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate