4 Wiring Hazards that you should Know About

It is hard to imagine a life without electricity nowadays because it has become an integral part of our lives. Our houses are filled with electrical appliances and electronics. The electricity offers luxury and comfort but it can also pose a hazard. When you are using the electricity you have to be cautious as well.

Using electricity comes with responsibility and if you stop being responsible you will have to deal with the consequences. Electricity hazards are extremely dangerous and they can lead to extensive property damage along with a loss of life. If you want the house to be electrically safe then you have to keep an eye on the wiring. Get an EICR London and an electrical safety certificate to ensure that the house is free of serious electrical hazards.

Here are a few wiring hazards that you should pay attention to because they can lead to some serious damage.

Wires with Old Insulation:

Wires have insulation so that the current flowing through them does not hurt anyone. The insulation allows you to touch the wires without getting electrocuted. If you want the house to be free of electric hazards then you have to keep an eye on the insulation. It is essential that the insulation of the wire is in perfect condition. The wires experience some wear and tear with time so you need to be observant. If you see even a small tear in the insulation you need to change the deteriorated wire. The exposed wiring can cause electrocution and even fire.

Poorly Modified Wires:

It is important that all the wiring is installed by a skilled electrician. Installing wiring is not something that you should handle all by yourself. It is a dangerous activity and it is hard to install it properly without professional help. People keep adding more electronics to the house and they keep using the same wiring. It is not possible for the wiring to keep up with the load if you keep adding electronics to the same wiring. It is important that you modify the wiring and make sure that you have the right wire size installed. The wiring should be suitable to the load that you are putting on the wires.

Outdated Designs:

You need to keep the age of the building in mind because it will give you an idea about the design of the electrical system of the building. There are a lot of age-related wiring hazards that you have to keep in mind. The latest electrical equipment needs an upgraded electrical system so that all the equipment can function efficiently and properly. If the electrical design of the property is too old it will become a hazard because old wiring leads to fire and electrical fires are dangerous because they can spread to the whole property in minutes.

Inadequate Amp Wiring:

With all the new appliances and equipment the wiring has improved as well. You can find wiring that can handle the latest equipment. If you have low AMP wiring then it will impact the efficiency of the system and can lead to serious consequences like fires and electrocution.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate