5 Electricity Safety Tips That Every Commercial Building Should Practice

Electricity is an integral part of our lives and nowadays it is not possible to imagine life without the luxury of electricity. The electricity powers the heating and cooling systems and the entire appliance that we use on daily basis. In a commercial building, the consumption of electricity is high as there are too many electronics and appliances and equipment used in commercial buildings. It is essential to follow electricity safety tips on regular basis to stay safe at work.

A lot of injuries are caused every year because of faulty wiring, electrical equipment, and appliances. It is important that close attention is paid to the condition of the electrical equipment and wiring to avoid electrical hazards.

Here are a few electricity safety tips that commercial buildings need to focus on to ensure the safety of the building.

Get Essential Certification:

The electricity demand of the commercial buildings is high whether there are residential apartments in it or offices. You have to make sure that all the electrical connections and appliances are in perfect condition. The best way of ensuring the safety of electrical safety is to get the necessary certification. The commercial electrical installation certificate will let you know the condition of the wiring and appliances and will also let you know whether any improvements are required or not. If there is any electric work required it should only be done by a qualified electrician. You should always follow electricity safety tips to solve electrical problems.

Keep Appliances in Perfect Condition:

Homes and offices are filled with electronics and appliances like computers, refrigerators, air conditioning, microwaves, etc. and there are certain precautions that you need to take to avoid potential electrical hazards.

The appliances should be inspected regularly so that you can identify damaged or faulty plugs, switches, cords and replace them. Switch the appliances off when they are not in use.

Electrical Cords:

The electrical cords are used to connect the appliances to the power supply. The extension cords should be treated with care or they can become the cause of a number of accidents. They should be placed around the walls so that they do not lead to tripping hazards. If the cords are used outside then they should be weather protected. The cords should not be jumbled together as it can damage the cords and damaged cords lead to electrocution.

Efficient Lighting:

People often think that light bulbs cannot do much damage so they do not pay attention to them even when they are not working properly. Faulty light bulbs can cause electrocution. When you are replacing the light bulb make sure that switch it off. Do not touch the bulbs with wet hands and do not delay replacing the bulb.

Always Hire a Professional:

If there is an electrical issue in the commercial building then you should never try to fix it by yourself. The DIY electrical work can do more damage than good and it can also lead to fires or electrocution. Make sure that there are safety switches or residual current devices installed so that the power supply is cut off in case of an emergency.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate