5 Important Measures to Take before Switching the Boiler on at the End of summer

The boilers are often switched off during the summer season because you do not need it during the hot weather. As the temperatures start to drop you will need to get the boiler started so that you can have a comfortable house during the chilly weather. Before you start up the boiler you will have to find boiler repair in London so that you can make sure that it is in perfect working condition.

Here are a few important things that you should do when you are switching on the boiler after the hot weather.

Get the Boiler Serviced:

If you want to make sure that the boiler works efficiently and is safe to use then you need to get the boiler serviced annually. Servicing the boilers crucial and if your boiler has been off during summer then it is always a great idea to get it done at the end of the summer. It will make sure that any repairs required to run the boiler safely are done and you do not have to face a total breakdown in the middle of the winter.

Switch the Boiler on Gradually:

You should not just forget the boiler when it is switched off during the summer season. Make sure that switch it on once or twice a month so that you can avoid build-up of dust and prevent corrosion. If you switch it on about once or twice a month it will also give you a chance to identify potential issues and get them fixed before you turn it on for winter.

See If you Need to Bleed Radiators:

The radiators can also get affected as it is out of use so you have to check the condition of the radiators before you switch it on. If you notice that the radiators have stopped working effectively then you need to bleed them. You should also check the thermostatic valves of the radiator to see if it is working and is not stuck because if the valves are not working they will not work properly.

Do Not Crank Up the Heat at Once:

You will want a cozy and warm place as soon as the temperatures start dropping but when you are switching in the boiler after months you have to be patient and cautious. You should not just crank up the heat because it is better to do it slowly. Increase the heat by one degree at a time and you will make sure that it works efficiently and you will not be wasting energy.

Look for Obvious Faults:

A lot of problems are most likely to occur during a long period of inactivity. There are some obvious faults that you should look for to see if it is in working condition or not. If the heating system is making sounds like a kettle then it is an indication that there is a build-up of limescale or sludge on the heat exchanger. Another obvious sign of faulty boiler is flickering pilot light. These are the obvious indicators that you need to get the repairs done before turning it on.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate