4 Ways to Avoid Electrical Emergencies in Your Home during DIY

Normally people use to forget very easily that how dangerous electricity could be for their and their family life. Due to which they forgot to take precautionary actions. There are times when your favorite appliances become harmful so you should know which actions you have to take in this scenario. But these days it has become much more easy to take precautions because almost 60% of houses use to have fires alarm systems, other than that there are lots of people who use to suffer from serious injuries every years that’s why people now a days use to have much more awareness. And they know how they have to deal with this matter.

Here in this article we are discussing how you can avoid any type of electrical emergency in your home or workplace and what precautions you have to take in this regard.


Ways to Avoid Home Electrical Emergencies:

  • First thing that you should keep in mind is not to overload the sockets. Mostly people use extensions and put a lot of pressure on one single socket that could lead towards causing electrical fire or short circuit.


  • Next thing that you should prefer to do is to keep all the electrical devices neat and clean. Maintaining these appliances on regular basis could help you to keep it in working form for longer time periods.


  • Next thing that you can do to avoid electrical home emergencies is to service electrical appliances and all the other electricity supply of your house on regular basis. Your electrician should keep on checking the main electricity system of your house at least once a time in every ten years.


  • Next thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid buying grey-market electrical appliances. Because they are not meant to meet EU safety standards of UK, instead you should prefer to buy European and British safety standards while buying electrical items.


  • Don’t forget to turn all the electrical appliances switch off from the main plug while going out of house for a long time period and while they are not being used.


  • Next you should never forget using RCDs in the fuse box and even when you were using heavy duty garden tools or other outdoor lighting.


  • Next you should prefer to use only specially designed bathroom safety plug in the sockets that is mostly used in fitted bathrooms. Always keep in mind that you have to install shaver outlets at least 600mm away from showers rooms and bath section. So that you could avoid any type of electrical mishap or short circuit.


  • Next thing that you should prefer to install in your house is the smoke alarms, so that you could instantly get notified about the expected dangers. These alarms will also give you advanced warning for all the type of electrical fires.


Other than that if you will see any unusual type of heat arising from the plugs and sockets, or else you notice that your fuse box keeps blowing, and your lights are not working properly then you should immediately call the mechanic. Otherwise these symptoms could cause electrical fire.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate