9 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe from Electrical Hazards

If you have kids at home then you have to take extra precautions. Kids are curious and they like exploring and if the house is not baby proofed then they can get hurt. A house should be a safe place for kids. They should be able to have a great time and play freely at home.

Electricity is a luxury and it offers comfort to people. There are electronics that keep the kids occupied and happy. It is important that the house is safe from electrical hazards. You can get a domestic electrical safety certificate to ensure safety.

Here are a few tips for making sure that your kids are safe from electric hazards in their home.

1. All the sockets in the house should be covered. Kids are curious and they love sticking their fingers in the sockets. They just want to see what is inside the socket hole. It can be extremely dangerous. If you want to keep the kids safe from the risk of electrocution then cover all the sockets.

2. Get rid of any outlets that you are not using. The extra outlets just give an opportunity to the kids to put themselves in harm’s way. Remove all the outlets that you are extra.

3. You should keep small and metal objects out of kid’s reach. It is crucial to keep all the sharp and pointy things at a safe distance from the children. If the kids get their hand on a needle or a pin, then they are most likely to stick it in the socket.

4. You should cover the plug holes and cord holders that you are not using with tape. The tape will prevent kids from sticking their fingers in them.

5. The big electrical appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, etc. are used on daily basis. They offer comfort and luxury. But it is important to use them safely. Make sure that you switch these appliances off when they are not in use. Unplug them as well just to be extra cautious. When kids are young they can get in these appliances. It can be extremely dangerous.

6. Do not leave electrical appliances unattended when they are in use. The kids may get curious and trying exploring it. It is never a good idea to push random buttons when an appliance is switched on.

7. Never put drinks near electronics like laptops, gaming consoles, speakers, etc. Kids do not understand that water and electricity are not friends. Do not give them a chance to spill water near these appliances.

8. When you give kids a bath, make sure that they are completely dry before they go off running. Kids like touching things. You do not want the kids touching electrical appliances with wet hands.

9. Make sure that you have safe and proper wire installation in the house. The wires can lead to electrical hazards and tripping accidents. Make sure that the wires are installed along the wall so the kids do not trip over. If you see damaged or fraying wire then you need to take immediate action.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate