3 Simple Checks to Determine Boiler Safety

Before you decide to switch on the heating system you need to make sure that it is ready to heat the house and provide hot water. Boilers are a huge investment and if you want to make the best of the investment that is important for boiler safety. If the boiler breaks, it can cause a lot of inconvenience in the house.

Boilers work hard to make your house comfortable so they need maintenance from time to time. Paying the gas safety certificate cost so that you can ensure that the boiler is in good condition. Here are a few things that you need for your boiler safety.

The Boiler Pressure is Not Right:

If you want to know whether the boiler is functioning properly you should take a look at the boiler pressure readings. If the pressure of the boiler is too high you do not need to panic because it may not work efficiently but it is not going to explode. The boilers have a safety valve that is installed to avoid any chance of explosion. It releases the pressure if it gets too high. But your boiler has this problem then the expansion device is faulty or the fill valve is not working.

If the boiler pressure is too low then it can cause the boiler to overheat and produce loud noises and it will impact its performance. If the boiler is suffering from pressure problem then you need to seek professional help.

Listen for Strange Noises:

When you switch on the boiler at the beginning of the winter season and it starts making strange noises then it is a clear indication that it requires some maintenance. The boiler can make strange noises for a lot of different reasons.

If you are hearing grinding noises then they are caused by a faulty pump. If it is producing rattling or whistling sounds then you have got a faulty fan. If the water supply is too noisy then the water pressure of the water passing through the boiler is too high. If you hear banging noises or knocking then the water pressure is not enough.

If you Smell Gas:

The boiler giving off bad smell is not a good sign. If there is a burning smell around the boiler then you need to switch off the boiler at once and call for a professional. Bad smells are mostly a sign of leaks and leaks can be pretty dangerous. If there is a stale smell around the boiler then it is an indication of a water leak.

If you smell gas on the exterior like from the flue system then it is not something to worry about. But if you are smelling gas from inside the property then there is a serious problem. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and if the problem is not dealt with promptly then it can become pretty hazardous.

Whether you smell gas inside or outside the property you should switch the boiler off and give a call to the gas safety heating engineer.

If you suspect an issue with the boiler you should switch off the boiler and leave the fixing for the professionals.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate