Where to Install the Fire Extinguishers in Your House?

The thought of a fire in the house is not a nice one and the people do not want to think about it. But house fires are pretty common and they do a lot of damage every year. Home fires are responsible for a lot of property damage and loss of life.

It is important to be prepared for a fire emergency. If you have proper equipment nearby then you will be able to put out the fire in the early stage and you will be able to minimize the damage. It is important that you have fire extinguishers nearby and properly installed they are the perfect tool for putting off a fire in its initial stage.

The fire extinguishers should be placed properly so they are easily accessible. You can get a fire safety risk assessment to see where a fire extinguisher is most needed. Here are a few tips that can help in putting the fire extinguishers in the right places.

Get One On Each Floor:

Every floor of the house should have one fire extinguisher. You should mount it on the wall and the location should be a central position so that it can be accessed easily. It should be about four to five feet above ground so you can easily take it off a wall when you need it. Make sure that the fire extinguisher is clearly visible and not covered by clutter.

Install Fire Extinguishers the Kitchen:

Fire safety is crucial for the kitchen because more than 60 % of the house fires start in the kitchen. The kitchen is full of electrical and gas appliances and they make it a high-risk area. Most of the fires are caused by grease and they can be put off by simply by pouring water on it. You should not put the extinguisher near the stove because you do not want it to catch fire. Place it at least 30 feet away from the stove. If the kitchen is too small then put the extinguisher in an adjacent room but make sure that it is easily accessible from the kitchen.

Install One In The Laundry Room:

A dryer is also a high-risk place if you consider the fire hazard. Lint collects in the dryer and it is highly flammable. The chances of fire are high because when a dryer is in operation its temperature can increase and the lint can catch fire. Make sure that the exhaust tube of the dryer is cleaned after every six months and keep an extinguisher nearby just in case.

In Garage and Workshops:

A lot of flammable materials like oil, gasoline, solvents, paints and other chemical products are stored in a garage or a workshop and it is important that you take proper safety precaution. If there is even a small spark in the area and it can lead to a huge disaster. Having a fire extinguisher nearby will allow you to extinguish the flames before it spreads.

You should identify the potential fire hazards in the house and make sure that you put the fire extinguishers in all the right places so that you can take care of the fire before it can do any serious damage.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate