How to Build Fire Escape Plan for Your Home

House fires are pretty common and responsible for a lot of property damage and fatalities. It is important to take proper precautions to avoid the fire hazard so that you can live safely and happily in your house. It is essential that every house has a fire alarm test certificate to ensure that there are no fire hazards in the house. Every house should have a fire escape plan so that all the people can get out of the house safely in case of a fire. A house fire is extremely dangerous and if the people inside the house do not know what to do they will end up panicking and getting hurt.

Here are some important things that can help you in creating a great fire escape plan.

Have a Plan:

The key to escaping a fire without any damage is to plan ahead. Fires spread quickly and there is too much smoke so if you do not have an escape plan you will find yourself stuck inside the house. There should be perfectly working fire alarms in the house so that the family members are alerted immediately of the danger. The doors of the bedrooms should be closed when people are sleeping because it takes fire about 10 to15 minutes to burn through the wooden door and it offers ample time to get to safety.

Figure Out an Escape Route:

There should be at least two escape routes in the house that offer people safe exit from the property in case of a fire. Every family member should be familiar with the escape routes so they know where to go without any guidance. Make sure that the family members practice opening windows and doors of the escape route to make sure that none of them are jammed because you will find it hard to get out of the house if you cannot open the exit of the escape route. The doors and windows should have locks that can easily be opened from the inside.

Consider the Danger of Smoke:

In case of fire, you do not just have to worry about the fire and the heat but also the smoke because it can do a lot of serious damage. While building the fire escape plan make sure that you tell everyone that they need to get on their knees and crawl under the smoke as they move towards the escape route. You should feel the back of the door before opening it because if it’s too hot then there is a raging fire on the other side and you need to take the other route.

Decide a Meeting Place:

You should establish a safe meeting place at a safe distance from the house so that all the family members can regroup once they are safely outside the house. It will save you the trouble of frantically searching for your loved ones once you are safely outside the house.

Once you have created a fire escape plan you should make sure that you put it to a test so that you know how effective it is and also to ensure that all the family members are fully aware of the escape plan.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate