Guide to Locating Emergency Lighting in the Right Areas

The emergency lighting is an important and necessary part of the property’s safety system.  The emergency lighting offers adequate lighting if the mains power fails. The emergency lighting illuminates the building especially all the emergency exits so that people can evacuate the building safely if all the main lights go out during an emergency situation.

It is important that all emergency lighting is located at the right places so that they can be helpful. You should get an emergency lighting certificate UK to ensure that it is installed in all the right places.

Here is a guide that can help you with the proper installation of the emergency lighting.

Changing Directions:

Installing the emergency lights in corridors where there are changes in direction is essential. If the mains power goes out and the occupants need to evacuate the building then they will need a guiding lighting in the corridors. If these corridors are pitch black then people will end up banging against the wall and get injured. When the corridor is illuminated then the people will be able to see the direction they need to go clearly and will be able to get out without any problem. Apart from the lights the corridors should have highlighted escape route signs.

Internal and External Exit Doors:

The purpose of exit doors is to allow people get out the building safely in case of an emergency. If there are no emergency exits then people will get trapped in the building. There should be emergency lighting and highlighted exit signs of the exit doors so that people are able to find these doors when the building loses power. The signs should be installed on both sides of the door so that they are visible from the outside and inside. The illumination of the exit signs on doors will determine whether people are able to find the safe escape route in an emergency situation or will get trapped inside.

The Elevators:

The elevators are not going to be functional if the property loses power but it is possible that there are people in it when the light goes out so you should install emergency lighting in it. You do not want people trapped in a small and closed space in pitch darkness because they will panic. If there is emergency lighting they will be able wait patiently for rescue and the lighting will not just keep them calm but also help in evacuation process.


The escalators are not functional when the lights are out and they should not be a part of the escape route because they are not very safe. But even though it is not part of the escape route there should be emergency lighting so that they are easily visible and people do not fall from the stairs. Without the emergency lighting above the escalator so that it does become a hazard.

The Toilets:

The toilets should have emergency lighting because it is possible that there are some people in the bathroom in case of a power outage. It will make sure people in the bathroom are able to find the safe route.

Apart from the above mentioned areas, any area that is accessible to the occupants of the building and public members should have emergency lighting.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate