How to Fix and Avoid Common Electric Hazards in Your House

Electrical hazards are common in a house and they often do a lot of damage if ignored. If you know the electrical hazards you need to look for then it will ensure safety. Ignoring even a small loose wire can be extremely dangerous.  There are safety certificates like domestic electrical installation certificate for landlords to keep a house safe.

If you do not recognize the common electrical hazards then you will fail to ensure safety. Here are few common electrical hazards you should know about. It will allow you to fix the problem and keep you safe.

Outdated and Bad Wiring:

The age of the wiring of the house is an important factor in safety. If the wiring is too old then it will not be able to endure the load of the appliances you use. The numbers of electronic appliances we use in houses are increasing. It is important that the wiring is suitable for the number of electronics you are using.

Overloading wires can cause a fire so make sure that you are careful with the load. If the lights in the house are flickering then you have a wiring problem. Other warning signs include tripping breakers, warm outlets, and sparks. If you see these warning signs then you need to repair the wires of the house. Never try to fix the wires because only an electrician should do that.

Plugging in Wet Appliances:

In a kitchen there are electrical appliances that are near water and water and electricity are a bad combination. If, by accident you ever get any water on an electrical appliance do not plug it in. Plugging in the wet appliance can cause electrocution.

Unplug the appliance immediately if they get wet. Make sure that they are completely dry when you plug them in. To be extra precautions you can evaluate the safety of the appliance by letting an expert check them.

Light Bulbs of the Wrong Wattage:

It is important that the bulbs you use are of the right wattage. If the wattage is not right then the wiring will overload because it can lead to a fire. Avoiding this hazard is simple. All you need to do is get the bulbs of right wattage. If you want a brighter lamp then you need to get a lamp that can use high wattage bulbs.

Unprotected Electrical Outlets:

You need to be extra careful about the electrical outlets especially if there are kids at home. Protecting the outlets will make sure that they cannot cause any damage. There are plastic closures that you can use to cover the outlets. They will prevent kids from putting their fingers in the outlets and get electrocuted.

Operating Appliances Unsafely:

The electrical appliances are an important part of the house. They offer comfort and if you do not use them safely, they can be dangerous. If you have a toaster or a microwave that is constantly tripping a circuit you need to fix it or replace it. Malfunctioning appliances are dangerous as they can shock, fire, burn and other injuries.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate