Why is My Electric Bill Too High?

As we all feel so much worried while receiving so high electricity bills every month. As these bills actually make it difficult for us to maintain our limited budget that we have set for our entire monthly expenses. Obviously, everyone want to have low electricity bills and for this they have to follow certain steps and for that firstly they should know about things that are actual reason for these high bills. Here in this article we are discussing reasons why is your electric bill too high.

1. Correctly use the high-tech Appliances or Devices:

Actually, the main reason of getting electric bill too high every month could usage of high tech appliances and electronics and especially when we left them plugged in whether we are using them or not. So always try your level best to unplug all the electronic devices especially when you are not using them. It will help you to lower you’re your bills. Actually, you should know that whenever you will press the “Power” button present on your TV, deck, DVR, computer, oven machine or dryer, it actually makes them transit to a standby mode so that it could be turned back on as quick as possible. It will be better if you get the electrical safety certificate of your house on regular basis so that you can control the bills.

2. Using Energy Monopolized Appliances:

As we all know that huge appliances, just like dishwashers, automatic machines, clothes washers or dryers have voracious appetites for electricity. Basically, lots of electricity is required to operate these appliances that in result increase your electricity bills. So, it would be perfect if you try to use these appliances as less as possible or else use them after load hours so it could reduce the bills.

3. Minimize the use of extra Lights and Fans in home:

Talking about fans and lighting in your home so you should always prefer to waste less electricity while keeping all lights and fans of your house. Always prefer to turn on fans and lights where you actually need it and turn of the remaining fans and lights of the house so it will help you to lower down the bills of your house or office.

4. Prefer not to use Appliances after their Prime time:

Actually, the main reason of having high bills every month is use of appliances that are out dated or made up of old technology. As we know technology keeps on changes and there always come betterment in technology that is used in latest models of appliances. So, it is always good idea if you use latest model of heavy appliances as they are prone to consume less energy as compared to old technology appliances.

5. Device-Charging Turmoil:

Next appliances that are considered to be the most important reason of electric bill too high include all the technological items that are using chargers and includes cell phones, iPads, tablet PCs, MP3 players, electric razors, laptops, game systems, electric toothbrushes, and all those devices that consist of charges. Basically, these devices are actually sucking energy of your house on constant basis and you don’t even bother about them.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate