What is EICR Certificate and 5 Reasons Why You Need it?

What is EICR or an electrical inspection condition report? It is a formal document that is given after the electrical installation of the building is assessed. The assessment is carried out by a qualified and experienced electrician or an approved contractor.

Once the assessment is done you will get an EICR certificate that will show that is the evidence that you have the assessment of the property.

What Is EICR?

Getting an EICR for commercial and domestic properties is important because it lets you know whether the electrical installation is in a good and safe condition. 

If you are looking to rent the property then the easiest way of ensuring people that the electrical connections are safe and there is no chance of electrical hazard in the property. It is recommended to get EICR in domestic properties every ten years so that you can ensure that there is no deterioration of wires and plugs.

Why You Need EICR an Certificate?

Here are some reasons that you need to get an EICR.

Eicr Report

EICR Report Sample

  • Replacing or Upgrading Old Connections

Getting an EICR is important because the assessment will let you know the age of the installation. You need to replace and upgrade if they become too old. As the electrical connections become old their efficiency decreases and if they get worn out then they can become a fire hazard. The older the wires get the more often the EICR should be carried out.

  • Lowering the Electrical Bills

If the electricity bills of the property are increasing then you need to find the reason behind the increased bills so that you can bring it down and achieve energy efficiency. When you get an EICR it will let you know about the inefficiency of the electrical system that is increasing the electrical bills. The report includes the condition of the electrical connections and it also offers solutions so that you know how to make the electrical connections better and more efficient.

  • Safety of Electrics

What is EICR? and why it is helpful in taking care of an insurance claim. If there is an electrical incident then the insurance companies are going to demand to see the report. The report will tell them whether the electrics that you use are safe and having an EICR is a perfect document that you can use as evidence.

eicr maintanance

  • Pending Maintainance & Upgradation

When you get an EICR report it will assess the electrical installation thoroughly and it will detail the condition of it and if there is any maintenance or upgrade required it will be put into the report. 

The EICR report identifies the faults of the system or whether your circuits are overloaded or not. It will allow you to take proper steps to keep the system in the best condition. It will make sure that you do not need to spend extra money because the problem is going to get bigger with time.

  • Free from Electrical Hazards

The most important reason for getting the EICR is that it will give peace of mind. It will make sure that you do not have any worry about the dangers of electricity. If you are renting the property then you will have no problem convincing the tenants that it is a safe property.

Landlord Safety Certificate

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