How to Know that You Need to Update a Fuse Board

So, if you are living in a house that never had an electrical wiring up-gradation then there are chances that you will face an electricity issue like overloading sockets. Because old electricity wiring was not designed to handle the load of current electrical equipment that our modern living use to demands. So, in that situation you have to upgrade your home’s circuit panel. It will actually allow more power to flow in the wiring of your house through circuits. That will allow you to run electronic appliances without any interruptions and constant problems. Here in this article we are discussing signs from which you will get an idea that now it’s time to update a fuse board of the house.

1. Your fuse system is not supporting appliances:

As we all know older homes use to build up with almost 100 amp of circuit panels. But current houses are using almost 200-amp circuit, and even more than this. So now if you are planning to install a tank-less water heater or want to use high-tech oven or a simple hot tub, but you have old circuit panel in your house then definitely it will never allow you to run these appliances as it may not be able to supply sufficient power for operating it. So, in that case you have to change or update a fuse board.

2. Your Current circuit panel is damaged:

Other than that, if you are living in an old house where electrical system has actually wears down due to its old age and its Insulation have cracked down or its parts have become worn out. So, in that situation there are chance that circuit panel have got damaged due to paint dripping from inside or due to extreme weather conditions. Other than that, if you will see char marks that are present inside the panel, then its mean now you have to change or update a fuse board.

3. You use lots of Extension Cords:

Another big issue that you have to face in old houses is that you have to heavily rely on extension cords because there are few outlets present in the house. So, in that case you should know that it could be dangerous to run appliances and kitchen equipment on extension cords. Because if you will plug in so many things into one outlet then it could easily lead towards having overload circuit that in return will heat up the wires or else it will cause the circuit to get in this situation you have to change or update a fuse board.

4. Your Electrical Panel consists of Fuses:

In most of the old houses an electrical panel actually relies on fuses instead of circuit breakers that make it more inconvenient. But when the fuse will get blow up then you have to replace it, but if don’t have any extra fuse present in your house then you can directly attach the wire with the main power so that you could have the power until you get the new fuse.

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Landlord Safety Certificate