Ways to Check Whether an Engineer is Registered or Not:

As we all know gas is a dangerous thing that could become reason of causing death even. So if you are having a boiler fixing, replacement of gas fire or even having a cooker repaired, then you should prefer to make sure that you hire the experienced and qualified engineer who actually know how he has to repair these things professionally and which precautions they have to take to prevent any type of fire accidents.

Authorized Gas Safe Register:

Actually it is a requirement by law that a person who is installing and repairing the gas equipment and appliances should be present on the Gas Safe Register that was actually set up in the year 2009 and was replaced the gas registration scheme of CORGI. Actually under this scheme above 125,000 engineers were listed and their competence level was tested and verified for maintaining severe standards of health and safety and Gas Safety Certificate. Actually it is responsibility of engineer that is registered from Gas Safe department to carry out steady inspections and investigates and submit the report about the bad practice.

Process to Check the Registration of Engineer:

So now if you are confused about how you can identify that engineer you are hiring is registered or not then don’t worry here we are discussing some ways. Basically with the advancement of technology it has become so much easy to check whether engineer is registered or not. There are lots of platforms that can help you in this regard. So all you have to do is to put the name of engineer in any one of those platforms. That website will automatically search whether he is registered or not. Some platforms will also require you to put license number that is present on the engineers ID card. So simply by putting all these information you will get all the details including the picture of registered engineers and all the details about them including their qualifications.

Other than that if you want to check the company that is registered then all you have to do is to send a text to 85080 simply by mentioning the business registration number. After that you will automatically receive a reply that will confirm you whether this particular registration number of company or person is registered or not.  Other than that you can also reply back at this number and request to send you the photo of that particular engineer right at your phone.

Checking the Qualification of Engineer:

Other than that you should prefer to check whether the engineer is trained enough to carry out all the important work or not other than checking the qualifications only. Obviously not every qualified engineer is experienced or properly trained there are chances that if anyone is trained to fix a boiler there are chances that he might not be experienced in fixing the cooker. You can simply check all these details about the Gas Safe engineers simply by using their official ID card. And after complete verification now you should prefer to take any decision about hiring them

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate