What Sort of Appliances Are Most Likely to Catch Fire?

As we all know that presently our houses are filled with electronics devices and electrical appliances that have actually make our life much easier and have also provide us with enjoyment. Devices like DVD players, video game systems, satellite TV boxes and big screen TVs have actually given us lots of opportunities to fill our lives with entertainment. But most people actually don’t know these devices could be dangerous and may become a reason of causing fire in house if they will never be used properly. Here in this article we are explaining appliances that are more likely to catch fire and become reason of causing fire in house so you should be very much careful while using these appliances:

Common Appliances:

  1. Most of us have experienced to see the heat shoots that use to came out when we immediately open up the door of the dishwasher immediately after it has finished its cycle. So, you should know that this heat shoot could be dangerous as dishwasher usually contain heating elements that are used to dry up your dishes. These heating elements will get wet, cool down and heat up every time when you will use the dishwasher. But if your dishwasher is old or faulty then it can cause a fire. So, you should prefer to turn off your dishwasher whenever you get out of your house.
  2. After that next appliance that could cause unexpected fire in your house is your toaster. Basically, toasters use to have electric elements present inside it that are actually used to turn down the bread or bagel brown. But if due to any reason a toaster will get failed and doesn’t gets turn off, then it could lead towards causing a fire. So, to prevent these types of fires you should prefer to maintain it on regular basis.
  3. Next electrical appliance that could cause the fire is dryers as we all know it also works on the same principle of heating up the clothes and then drying them up. So, if you have got any old or faulty dryer then it might cause fire due to its faulty heating up system. So, for preventing this type of fire you should prefer to keep the lint trap clean so that you could prevent the fire.
  4. Next electrical appliance that could cause fire is a refrigerator. So basically, fire could be caused due to its overheated compressor or even through an electrical short. So, to protect it you should prefer to use a stapler with your refrigerator so that you could protect it from fire. In addition, a light that stays on all the time can be hazardous.
  5. Next electrical appliance that could cause fire is microwaves. That are basically very much convenient to use for us. It helps us to warm up leftover meals simply by saving our time in this hectic routine. But you should know that these appliances could be dangerous and it could be a reason of causing fire. So, for preventing fire you should prefer to keep it unplug after using it.
Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate