What You Need to Know When Buying a New Boiler

Boilers are an essential part of the buildings as they offer comfort. If your old boiler breaks down and is declared irreparable by professionals like boiler repair London then you will have to invest in a new one. Buying a new boiler is a huge investment so it should be made with a lot of care and consideration so that you spend your money on the one that is best suited for the needs of your building.

Here are a few tips that can help you in investing in the new boiler.

Find a Reliable Boiler and a Trusted Brand:

When you are making a huge investment you have to make sure you invest in a good one and you do not have to deal with too many unexpected repair costs later on. Make sure that you do proper research on all the brands that are considered reliable when it comes to the boilers. You can see the reviews by other customers to see whether the boilers are good or not. When you are buying something expensive as a boiler you should not settle for the cheapest model because you will be compromising your comfort and setting yourself up for a lot of repairs.

Know the Types:

There are different types of boilers available in the market so when you are buying you should familiarize yourself with all the types available.

  • If you have a small or medium sized property then the best type of boiler for your property is the combi boiler. It will heat the water on demand and you will not need a separate storage tank. They are compact and easy to install so they are a popular choice.
  • A conventional boiler is a great choice for large house especially the ones that have multiple bathrooms. It is a heat only boiler that requires a cylinder or hot water tank. They are an expensive choice and take up more space.
  • A systems boiler is an efficient choice and perfect for households that need stored water cylinder. It has built-in components so it is easier to install. They are perfect for large homes as they can feed hot water to several outlets.

If you are unsure which type to invest you can get help from a qualified surveyor or an engineer and find the perfect new boiler.

Choose the Right Size:

If you want to make sure that the boiler you invest in is able to fulfill the requirements of the building then you have to make sure that you buy the right sized boiler. The size of the boiler depends on its heating capacity. Make sure that you choose a size whose performance level is according to your demands. You should consider the number of bathrooms and radiators you have in the building to determine the right size.

Get Professional Help:

Hiring a trustworthy heat engineer is also a great way of getting some useful advice on getting the best boiler. They can tell you whether the boiler you choose complies with building regulations or not. Get a gas safe registered engineer to install the new boiler as well.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate