3 Reasons the Smoke Alarms May not Work

House fires are pretty common and extremely dangerous. Every property uses gas and electricity so there is always a chance of the presence of fire hazard. Taking fire safety precautions is crucial for ensuring the safety of the property and people.

It is important that a landlord is aware of building regulations so take precautions accordingly. Smoke alarms are an integral part of fire safety. Most of the deaths in fires are a result of smoke inhalation and not the fire. Hire a good smoke alarm service so that they are properly installed.

It is important that you check the smoke alarms regularly to make sure it is in working condition. Here are a few reasons that smoke alarm may not detect the smoke.

Stagnant Air:

The stagnant air does not seem like a huge problem but it can have a negative impact on the performance of smoke alarm. If the air is stagnant then it will stratify and form a blanket of warm air that will just hug the ceiling. In case of a fire if the smoke is cold and heavy then stagnant air can become an issue.

It is not possible for the cold or heavy smoke to get through the thermal barrier that is present the higher warm air at the ceiling and lower cool air. It prevents the smoke from getting to the smoke detector and prevents it from sounding the smoke alarm. If the air is stagnant then the alarm will not go off even if the whole room is full of smoke. You cannot test the room for stagnant air by using function testing. Use professional service to identify and take care of the problem.

Fast Moving Air:

If the air is moving too fast then it can mess with the functionality of the smoke alarms as well. Things such as air conditioners, fans, etc. can the reason behind fast-moving air. They make it difficult for the smoke to reach the smoke alarm and it continues to spread without setting off the alarm. The alarm will only sound when the whole room fills with gas.

If you put an air diffuser too close to the smoke alarm then you will be affecting its performance. It is important that you hire professionals to install the alarms so they know the best places. They will make sure that they are able to perform effectively and efficiently.

Impact of Sensitivity Testers:

It is important that the alarm is tested where they are placed. It is important to know that they are placed in a spot where smoke can reach it. Sensitivity testers are not the best alternative as they are not suitable for testing the detectors where they are located. They are unable to show if the real smoke can get into the detector or not.

Make sure that you invest in real testing so that you can keep the alarms in perfect condition. They will work perfectly for most of the time. But the above-mentioned conditions can sometimes play a role in affecting the performance of the smoke alarms.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate