Why Does My Fire Alarm Keep Going off Unsystematically

Basically we all know that it is very important to install fire safety alarms in your house and workplace. While on the other hand there are lots of issues that people use to face while using these type of latest technology wireless security alarm systems. Sometimes people use to face a situation when their fire alarm system start getting off unsystematically due to any reason but they don’t know why this was happening to these systems again and again. That’s why it is important to get the fire alarm certificate so that you could avoid this type of situation. So here in this article we are explaining some reasons why you have to suffer from these type of situations and how you can avoid them:

1. Burning Food on the Stove. 

Sometimes we get busy somewhere else while cooking food just like you opt to attend a phone call while cooking food due to which your food get burnt. So you should know that your smoke detector will automatically get turn off when it gets the hint that food is getting burnt. Due to which all your guests will know that there’s a problem with the food or in the kitchen.

2. Fireplace Smoke. 

Another reason due to which your fire alarm will get turn off could be a fireplace smoke. So if chimney of your house is clean and all the dampers are set properly then obviously there will be no issue. But there are times when the chimney and dampers are not cleaned due to which smoke started collecting within your house then this situation could turn off the smoke detectors.

3. Humidity

Other than that if there will be high humidity rate present within your house then it will also set off the smoke and fire alarms. keep in mind that thickness of the moisture particles that are present in the air will actually trigger the alarm.

4. Insects

Other than that there are chances that a small insect gets enter into the fire alarm systems that made it turn off. So ion that case if you see there is no external reason present that have actually make the alarm to get turned off then you should prefer to open the device up and check for the insect..

5. Burnt Toast. 

Fire alarm systems could also get turned off even when your toast will get burnt. There are times when our toaster keeps the bread down for some time longer than normal then it will turn into a charcoal. It will automatically send very heavy particles right into the air that will turn off the fire alarm and smoke detector.

6. Low Batteries. 

Another reason of turning off the fire or smoke alarm would be its low batteries. So you should always prefer to keep on changing its batteries from time to time so that you could avoid this type of situation.

7. Chemical Odors.

Next thing that could turn off the fire or smoke alarms present in your house or workplace is a strong chemical odor. That could be orders of ammonia or even the paint fumes. Mostly the smoke alarms don’t really like these type of heavy smells that’s why they get turn off.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate