4 Gas Safety Responsibilities Tenants Should Be Aware of

The landlords have a lot of responsibilities and their biggest responsibility is to ensure the safety of the tenants. But the safety of the property is not the sole responsibility of the landlord. The tenants also have responsibilities as well. They also have to get involved in the safety precautions that are required to create a comfortable and safe place.

There are a lot of gas appliances that are used regularly in a house. If you are not careful when using the gas appliances then you will have to face some serious hazards. Here are a few crucial responsibilities that will allow you to play your gas safety role as tenants perfectly.

Understand and Know Your Rights:

The tenants should be well-educated about their rights so that they know the best ways they can determine whether the property is safe to live or not. All the gas appliances and connections in the house need to have annual safety checks and you need to know who is responsible for taking care of the annual checks. You need to make sure that the landlord is responsible for the gas safety certificate check London so that you do not just leave them unchecked.

An annual check is essential because it makes sure that the appliance is burning gas properly and the fumes are being eliminated properly. The yearly check will offer a Gas safety record and it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide a copy to the tenants.

Beware of Your Responsibilities:

The tenants will not be able to fulfill their responsibilities to ensure gas safety if they do not know their responsibilities. The tenants should ask the landlord about the safety practices that are their responsibility because they do not want to jeopardize their safety. Ignoring the gas hazards is neither in favor of the landlord or the tenant.

Usually, the appliances that come with the property, gas pipes and flues or chimneys are the landlord’s responsibility. The tenants are responsible for any appliance or equipment that they bring with themselves.

Hire the Right People:

Installing or repairing a gas appliance all by yourself, is never a good idea because if the gas appliances are not properly installed and repaired they can pose a huge threat to the safety of the house as well as its occupants. Make sure that you hire Gas Safe registered engineers because they are certified to handle them.

Maintaining CO Alarm:

The CO detectors are a significant part of gas safety because they keep you safe from carbon monoxide. Co is colorless, tasteless, odorless and toxic and the only way to detect the gas is to use the alarms. CO is dangerous and in worst case scenarios it can be fatal so make sure that your CO alarms are functional and properly maintained. You should get some help from the Gas Safety engineers and get your appliances checked for production of CO. You can also get their opinion about where you should install the alarms so that you are alerted about the production of poisonous gas before it causes serious damage.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate