6 Tips to Avoid Smoke Inhalation in Case of a Fire

House fires are common and dangerous. Every house needs to invest in a fire alarm system that offers protection against fires. The house fires can spread and engulf the whole building in minutes so it is important that occupants of the building are educated and trained on the steps they should take to get to safety.

It is important to understand most of the serious injuries are caused by smoke and not the fire. The smoke produced by the fire is toxic and full of soot and it can be fatal. The maximum injuries and casualties during the fire are because of suffocation. It is crucial that the fire safety system has a mains smoke detector UK so that you are alerted about the smoke before it fills the building and are able to get out safely. It will make sure that you are alerted of fire and get to safety before things get out of hand.

Tips for Preventing Smoke Inhalation:

Fires are scary and it is easy to panic and make small mistakes but remember that the small mistakes can cost you your life so be prepared. Here are a few critical things that you should know.

1. The first thing that you should do if you suspect fire in the property is to instantly look for an exit route. The fire can spread pretty quickly and if you do not take quick action then you will soon find yourself trapped in the building because the exits can get blocked fast. Make sure that you have an escape route that you can take to get out.

2. f you start seeing smoke gathering in the room you should never walk out of the building because then you will be inhaling the toxic smoke as you try to get out. The best way to find a way out without inhaling smoke is to drop to the floor and get into a crouching position. The gas and smoke produced by fire rise upwards and if you are closer to the floor you will decrease the chances of breathing poisonous gas and toxic smoke.

3. You should take a large piece of cloth, moist it and hold it against the mouth and nose. When the cloth is moist it will filter the poisonous gases and make sure that you do not inhale too much of it. Just grab on to the first piece of clothing that you see because you have to act fast.

4. If you see smoke coming out of a room you should steer clear of it. If the room is on your escape route you should not blindly dash into it if smoke is coming out of it. Choose an alternate path because the smoke will kill you before you get out of the property.

5. If you find yourself trapped in a room you need to make sure that you can keep the toxic smoke out of it. Cover the gap under the door or window with tape or wet cloth.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate