4 Reasons Why You Should Never Delay EPC Inspection

Energy is a major problem nowadays as the prices of energy continue to increase and its negative impacts on the atmosphere have become more evident. People are focusing more and more on finding energy solutions that allow them to keep the environment safe and save money on energy bills as well.

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You can pay the Commercial EPC Costs to know how energy efficient the building is and the best solutions to bring down the energy consumption.

Here are a few reasons for getting a commercial energy performance certificate.

  • EPC Inspection is a Legal Requirement

An energy performance certificate is a legal requirement, and the landlords and homeowners need to submit it when the building is built, sold, bought or sold. It ensures the buyers that their investment is a good one as it is energy efficient.

  • Lowering Energy Cost

Getting periodic EPC inspection is great because they help in bringing down the energy cost of the building. When you get the professionals to inspect the building, they not just check the efficiency but also offer potential solutions that allow you to bring down the energy cost. EPC helps in saving money while fulfilling your legal obligation.

  • Bringing Down Carbon Emission

By getting an EPC, you can contribute to saving the environment. Energy consumption is responsible for carbon emissions that have a negative impact on the environment. High carbon emission is the main culprit behind global warming that leads to extreme weather changes.

If you can bring down the carbon emissions of your building, then you will be doing a huge favour to the environment.

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  • Increasing the Value

epc inspection

An EPC certificate is an important document. It is a legal requirement, but that is not the only reason for regular EPC inspections. If you have regular inspections, then you will have a document that will prove the energy efficiency of your commercial building. 

People looking to buy or rent commercial buildings have fewer expenses, and if your building has a good EPC rating, then it will have an advantage over the others. A good EPC rating is perfect for increasing the value of the building. The idea of low electricity bills is always appealing to people looking for a commercial building as it helps them save valuable money.

  • Keeping Up With Energy Standards

There are certain energy standards that a commercial building needs to fulfil if it wants to attract any customers or tenants. It is the responsibility of the landlords to keep up with energy-efficient standards. The periodic checkups are great because they offer solutions that allow landlords to make necessary changes to the building and improve its energy efficiency. 

The checkups offer a great opportunity to look for better appliances and technologies that are a perfect addition to the building and bring down its energy cost. The EPC inspection document offers detailed written information on the energy usage of a commercial building, making it easy to come up with energy-efficient solutions.

Questions you May Have

Are EPC certificates still necessary?

Yes, EPC certificates are necessary especially for home renters. The houses and buildings are graded on a scale of A to G. A rented house must stand above or at E grade to be eligible for renting. 

How long an EPC certificate stays valid?

10 years is a normal validity period for an EPC certificate. However, the homeowners need another inspection of their house after the certificate expiry.

Which EPC Rating is considered good?

Anything between A to E grade is considered a good or average EPC rating while the ratings below E are considered bad. 

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