5 Ways to Protect Yourself and Electrical Appliances from Lighting Effect

Most people really don’t know butt in reality lightning could become reason of destroying some of our sensitive electronic appliance. And for destroying appliances through lightning it is not important that it will directly hit the house. Other than that there are chances that lightning will strike directly at the power lines that will send a flow of electricity within the wires and right into the sensitive appliances. Normally our household appliances use to run correctly on 120-volt so if power will increase or decrease beyond that range then it will damage our appliances. Lightning use to persuade the flows of electricity that will in result spike up the electricity level up to hundreds of volts that in result could harm the appliances.

So basically there are different ways that you can adopt to keep your appliances safe from lightning strikes that could be by using a surge protectors. That’s why if you see there is a severe storms coming your way then it will be best if you will unplug your appliances or even disconnect your phone and your cable lines. It is also very important that you get the landlord electrical safety certificate to keep your appliances safe and secure. Here in this article we are discussing how you can protect yourself and electrical appliances from the effect of lightning: 

Protecting Your Appliances from Lightning:

1. First thing that you can do for protecting your appliances from the lightning is to install a plug-in electrical voltage protector. This will be the middle protection that you will give to your appliance, you actually have top connect your device with this steplizer and then plug it right into a grounded electrical outlet. This device will actually control all the ups and downs of electrical voltage hence it will save the appliance to get damaged.

2. Other than that you should prefer to use the plug-in surge protectors even for your TV, telephone, refrigerators and cooling systems. You can also use phone or cable protectors just like the electric-line voltage flow protectors.

3. Next you should prefer to install a service-entrance voltage flow protector that will help you to protect your entire house from the expected issues of voltage surges.

Protecting Yourself from Lightning Effects:

1. Always keep in mind when there will be lightning occurring in the locality then in that situation plumbing system of your home will be at greatest risk. So in that situation you should prefer to avoid taking bath or shower.

2. Next precaution that you should prefer to take is avoid using any of the appliance that is being plugged with the wall socket. Because turning it on could be dangerous especially when the lightening is striking in your area.

3. Other than that you should prefer to avoid using areas that actually contain moisture or where there is a chance or presence of moisture. So when lightning is striking your area at that time you should prefer to restrain yourself in dry areas only.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate