5 Alarms that Every Homeowner Should Invest in

A home should be a safe sanctuary where nothing can hurt you. If you fail to identify the hazards in the house then it will compromise your safety. There are a lot of safety devices available nowadays that ensure the safety of the property and occupants. Gas and electricity hazards are pretty common in houses. They are extremely dangerous as well. They can do a lot of property damage and in worst cases also lead to loss of life.

A mains powered smoke alarm UK is an integral part of a house. If you do not have a smoke alarm then you are making a huge mistake and a safety error. Apart from the smoke alarms, there are few alarms that will warn you of potential threats.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

CO is a byproduct of fossil fuel burning and it is the most common fuel choice for running home systems and appliances. The CO can build up because of things like a poorly maintained heating system, generator, running car, etc. It is not possible to detect the toxic gas without an alarm as it is colorless, odorless and tasteless. The CO poisoning causes a lot of health hazards and it can also be fatal.

It is a common household threat that deserves your attention. The CO alarms are perfect for keeping you safe against the toxic. It is a cost-effective safety precaution that will offer peace of mind.

Natural Gas Alarm:

Natural gas is a common source of power in a house. It is used to power common household appliances such as cloth dryers, water heaters, etc. The natural gas we use in our homes has a distinct odor. It smells like rotten eggs so if there is a leak it is easy to detect. But having an alarm ensures that you do not miss a leakage. Gas leaks can be catastrophic and an alarm can alert you on time.


Propane is a highly-dangerous gas and second most common cause of lung cancer. It is a colorless and odorless gas. It is produced when there is the presence of natural uranium in soil decays. If you do not take proper precautions, it can get trapped in the house. A radon detector monitors the atmosphere and detects the unnatural level of radon in a house. If the radon detector sounds then you need to call an expert immediately.

Radiation Detectors:

Radiation occurs naturally but if the levels are high then it can be extremely dangerous. It can be deadly as well. The main sources of radiation are the manmade sources so it is a wise decision to invest in a radiation detector. It will constantly monitor the radiation levels of the house. If it gets to a dangerous level the alarm will alert. You can find smart alarms that send notifications to the smartphone.


Propane can fill a room pretty quickly as it is heavier than air. It can result in explosion or asphyxiation. There are households that use propane for the generator, heater, etc. and alarms can ensure safety. Most of the propane detectors also have the feature to detect natural gas.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate