All You Need to Know About Gas Safety Certificate

People who are planning to give the house on rent and want to sell it out should know that they have to get the safety certificates. Actually, these certificates will help them to increase the net worth value of the house. A Gas safety check is very important and it must carry out once a year on every pertinent gas appliance, chimney or flue that is present in the house of the landlord. You should keep a check on all your gas within 12 months of new installation. Here in this article we are discussing about things that you should know about gas safety certification.

>>) Cost to Get Landlord Gas Safety Certificate:

The first thing that people should know about the gas safety certificate is its cost. Keep in mind that it is not too much expensive, infect cheapest gas safety certificate London will cost £60 to get a landlord gas safety certificate. But keep in mind that this price will be of testing just one appliance. So, price will increase, according to the appliances that you have in

>>) Discounts for Checking Multiple Properties:

Other than that people use to get curious whether they can get any type of discount while getting the gas safety certificate for multiple properties. So they should know that yes, you can negotiate with the registered person and get up to 10% to 20% of the discount. And this is only possible when you will have multiple property portfolio.

>>) How to Perform Gas Safety Check?

As we all know that there are so many different things which you should prefer to check for getting the gas safety certificate. But you should know about the proper procedure which gas safety team will follow before giving you safety certificate. It basically described below:

  1. The gas safety team will do a complete visual inspection of all the gas installation, terminal, location of appliances, chimney, flue or position of the gas appliances and signs of unfinished combustion.
  2. Casings and ignition chamber and closures.
  3. Gas meter or valves present for emergency control, maintenance and precise labelling.
  4. Pressure or rate of Gas in appliance burner.
  5. Burning gas analysis were quantified in the appliance manufacturer’s repairing and maintenance instructions.
  6. Ventilation is pure and adequately sized, etc.
  7. They will Investigate each and everything and check all the unsafe working of appliances.

>>) Cost of Extra Appliance Checks:

Other than that you should know that you have to pay extra for the additional checks of the appliance. So in that situation you should expect to add almost 30% additional charges on every extra appliance. So in that situation, it would be almost £60 for checking extra boiler, £78 for a boiler along with the hob, and you have to have almost £96 for all items in total including boiler, hob or the gas fire. So its better to know about these charges so that you won’t have to face any difficulty while getting the certificate.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate