How to Make Heating System more Efficient?

Actually, you should know that more than half of the energy usage depend upon your heating system. So yes, we can say that it might be the largest energy expense people use to face in daily life. By controlling it you can directly lower down the half of the energy bills. For this you have to keep your heating systems well maintained and properly inspected at least once before the start of the winter season. By doing so you can actually save so much of money and lower down your bills. Other than that this type of regular maintenance will help you to make the system energy efficiency. Here in this article we are discussing about tips that you can implement to make it energy efficient:

#.1) Opt to Weatherize Homes with Insulation:

The first thing that you can do for making the heating system more energy efficient is to weatherize your home with insulation or even by air sealing. It will help you to make a few changes in your home to make it energy efficient that will automatically impact on increasing the performance of your heating system. So by adding insulation or sealing up drifty areas of your house you can keep the heated air inside your house for much longer time period. Due to which heating system won’t have to work hard and work more efficiently.

#.2) Install Reset Controls to Your Gas Boiler:

Other than this you should prefer to set the outdoor reset control to your gas boiler. This will allow the unit to automatically adjust its temperature high or low according to outdoor temperature. So by installing the weather sensitive reset controls devices you can prevent your boiler to get extra hot especially on milder winter days. That will automatically help you to save almost 10% savings on overall heating costs. Other than that, don’t forget to avail gas boiler service for regular maintenance of boilers.

#.3) Opt to Use a Heat Recovery Ventilator:

The next thing that you can do for making your heating system much efficient is to use a heat recovery ventilator. Actually, you should know that when warm air get ventilated through the home’s ventilation system, then it might become the reason of wasted heat energy. Infect you can recover up to 70 percent of that heat by using a heat recovery ventilator. Basically, this will sent and recover the ventilated heat back into your home, which will automatically improve the efficiency of the heating system by lowering down its work and minimizing the wasted heat.

#.4) Upgrade Heating Equipment to Natural Gas:

Another thing that you can do for making your heating system much more efficient is to upgrade it to natural gas heating equipment. Keep in mind that the expected life of the heating system is almost 15 to 30 years and it also depends upon the quality of your maintenance. Actually, you should know that High efficiency equipment will cost you more, but in the long run it will give you less operation cost.

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