How Can PAT Testing Help in The Prevention of Fire Accidents?

The use of electrical appliances has increased significantly over the years. The appliances add a lot of comfort and luxury to your life, but they also pose some serious threats. Faulty appliances and connections cause around 1000 workplace accidents in the UK. 30 of the accidents, on average, are fatal. Faulty appliances are also the second largest cause of fire in industrial, commercial, and domestic buildings.

Unattested appliances are a constant hazard to businesses and rented properties. The Grenfell tower fire accident is the perfect example of the extent of damage a faulty appliance or an unsuitable building cladding can do.

How can PAT Testing Help?

PAT tests are perfect for preventing fire accidents and ensuring that the appliances present in the property are safe to use. Unfortunately, many businesses and landlords do not bother getting the PAT tests because they are not a legal requirement.

But it is the landlord’s responsibility and the employer to make sure that no one gets hurt because the appliance used in the building is safe.

The PAT testing takes a look at appliances, identifies the problems, and offers solutions. It makes sure that you take all the preventive measures to reduce the chances of fire accidents.

If you get all the electrical appliances PAT tested, then you will feel safe because it makes sure that:

  • They comply with ISO standards and all the health and safety requirements.
  • Workplace electricity regulations are met.
  • Provision and work equipment regulations are fulfilled.

PAT Testing Electrical Risk Level by Environment

Why Get PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) should be an essential part of the Health and Safety policy. It is the best way of ensuring that all the necessary appliances are safe to use. The electrical appliances are used a lot, and they can get old and get worn out pretty quickly. If there is even a small fault with the appliance, it can lead to fire accidents.

What Does PAT Test Offer?

PAT test may seem like an unnecessary expense as it is not a legal obligation, but the landlords and employers have to make sure that all the appliances in the vicinity of the building are safe to use. Here is what the testing has to offer.

pat testing

Visual Inspection:

The testing starts with a visual inspection and includes

  • Looking for damaged flexes
  • Identifying damaged equipment and plugs. Look for the warning signs like burn marks, discoloration, and overheating.
  • Check the wired plugs and rating of the fuse

The Series of Tests:

After the visual testing, a series of tests are carried

  • Checking the earth leakage
  • Insulation resistance
  • Testing the polarity
  • Earth continuity testing

How Often You Need to Get PAT Testing?

PAT testing is not a legal requirement, so there is no specific time period for getting the tests done. There are certain aspects that can help in determining when the tests should be carried. The age of the appliance, the frequency of use, type of appliance, and recommendations of the manufacturer can tell you how often the testing should be done.

Why is PAT Testing Important?

What is PAT Testing? PAT tests will allow you to prevent fire accidents and handle any electric problem before it becomes huge and leads to a tragedy like the Grenfell tower. It can prevent the loss of property and the loss of life.

How often should you have PAT testing done?

The recommended time frame for PAT testing is every 2 years. However, it also heavily depends on different circumstances such as equipment location, equipment type, frequency of usage, user’s competence, installation method, maintenance records, and equipment hiring status.

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