Price of Getting the Commercial EPC Certificate

Getting the Energy Performance Certificates is a legal requirement for all landlords who are planning to rent out or sell the property. But most people are actually confused about how much they have to pay to get the commercial EPC certificate for a property that you own. Here in this article, we are discussing the prices of getting the commercial EPC certificate for your building.

1: The Actual Cost of Getting an EPC Certificate

You have to pay almost £45.83 to £100.00+VAT for getting the EPC certificate. Keep in mind that prices will fall within this price range, but there is no fixed cost for getting the EPC certificate. Actually, there are so many different companies, like commercial EPC who are issuing EPC certificates. And these services are both for domestic and commercial properties. 

That’s why they all are offering different competing rates. Another thing that you should know about the cost of an EPC certificate is that its price depends upon different factors. Just like the agent will see the type of property that you have, the number of bedrooms that are present, the location of the property, and also the area where you live. After considering all these factors now the agent will decide about the cost of an EPC.

getting an epc certificate

2: Things Included in the Actual ECP Cost

Other than that you should know about things that are included in EPC cost. So yes, it actually covers the survey done by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor. Basically, he will check all the energy performance of the building, and then they will issue you an Energy Performance Certificate.

This certificate will specify how Energy Efficient is your property. The accessor has given you grades starting from scale A to G. And from this, you should know that:

  • A-grade will specify that the building is highly energy-efficient 
  • G-grade will indicate that it is not much energy efficient

energy efficiency rate

EPC Rating on the Scale of A to G

To conclude, a G-grade will be very bad and had a bad impact on the overall value of your property. The average energy efficiency rate that properties in England have lain at D-grade.

3: The Extra Costs Involved in your EPC Certificate

While getting the EPC certificate you should know that there will be some extra cost that will increase the total cost. That will automatically increase the overall price of getting an EPC certificate. Just like you have to pay extra charges to the Domestic Energy Assessor that will check the property and issue the EPC certificate. 

Other than that, any of the extra work which the accessor will perform to improve the overall energy efficiency of your house. But you have to pay extra for this task that will increase the overall EPC cost. 

But all these costs will help you to increase the overall value of your property that you can cash while selling or renting out the property. So yes it’s completely perfect to spend while getting the certificate as in the long run it will be beneficial for you.

EPC Price Estimation Factors

The EPC Certification pricing is entirely dependent on the activities and premises. Normally, a shop in a high street with multiple operations generally gets their EPC certification for around £130 – £190 (+VAT). However, this price might vary in other areas and it generally falls around £90.


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