How can you keep the Fire Alarm System in Perfect Condition?

The fire alarm systems are a crucial part of a building because it helps in protecting property and the people. Accidental house fires are not uncommon. They are responsible for a lot of property damage and loss of life every year so you should not be ignorant of the precautionary measures required to avoid a fire hazard.

There are a lot of electronics and gas appliances used in the building and they can degrade over time. If they are not properly maintained then they can become a fire hazard so it is important that you have fully functional fire alarm system so that you are alerted if there is a fire and take immediate action.

Here are a few tips that can help you in keeping the fire alarm system in pristine condition.

Know The System’s Age:

It is important that you know the exact age of the fire alarm system installed in the building because it is going to determine the level of maintenance that the system requires. If you wish to keep the system properly functional then maintenance is crucial.

If the system is less than five years old then it requires little maintenance and the few problems you may face are because of marginal installation or environmental issues. To avoid the issue you should make sure that mains smoke alarm installation instructions are followed so that there is no installation problem.

A system that is five to ten years old may break down because of harsh environmental factors or fluctuations in voltage, temperature, and humidity. Systems that are ten to fifteen years old can offer life safety response but they do need close attention and regular maintenance. The systems that are twenty or more years old are way past their life expectancy technologically. You need to get them checked by professionals to see if the alarm is in working condition.

Important Maintenance Steps:

Here are five key maintenance steps that will help in keeping fire safety system in perfect condition.

  • Use the manufacturer’s instructions to test and calibrate all the alarm sensors to see if there is ant re-installation or upgrades required.
  • You need to test annunciators and stimulate inputs and for that, you will need specific knowledge of the system that is under the test.
  • Regularly check the battery to see if there is any corrosion or not. You should also keep an eye on the expiration date of the battery so that you can change it on time.
  • Set the sensitivity and you will need a good understanding of the specific application of a particular system and the fire detection theory.
  • Coordinating with the fire department and testing the input to the system.

Know The Guidelines:

It is important that you know all the important guidelines that are related to the fire safety system. It is essential that you read all the guidelines for the installation so that you can install the smoke detectors and the CO alarms in the right places. You should also be clear on the maintenance guidelines so that you can use the system to its full effect.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate