How to Prepare for a Gas Safety Check?

The gas system is an important part of the household as there are several appliances that use gas as fuel. It brings a lot of comfort in our lives but the gas connection needs to be used with care. If there is a fault in the gas connection then it can lead to gas or carbon monoxide leakage which can pose a serious threat to the residents of the building.

Every rented property needs to get a Gas Safety certificate. It is an official document confirming that the gas system of the building is safe to use. The Gas safety certificate is issued after a gas safety check that is carried by a qualified and gas safe register engineer. The landlords should be prepared for the visit of the engineer so that the engineer can carry out all the procedures without any problem.

Here are some simple steps that can help you in getting prepared for a gas safety check;

  • Organize the Home

The most obvious step for getting ready for the safety check is tidying up the home. It is important to get the rooms organized because it will be hard for the engineer to get all the safety checks done if there is clutter everywhere. 

The rooms that have gas appliances need to be tidy because you do not want the gas system faults to hide under the clutter.  By cleaning the room you will make the engineer’s job much easier and efficient.

  • Do Inventory

The inventory of all the gas appliances present in the property is part of the gas safety check but it never hurts to be prepared for the check and create your own inventory list.  

engineer gas safety

If you want to speed up the process and help in improving the efficiency of the check then making an inventory list is a great idea. The engineer will still make a list because it is a legal requirement but if there is already a list it will make the engineer’s job much easier.

  • Take Note of Gas Related Problems

Before the visit of the engineer if you notice any gas related issue no matter how small or big it is you should take note of that. You can share your concerns with the engineer so that they can identify a solution and make the gas system safe to use.

Gas Safety Tips

  • Turn Off Boiler

To inspect the boiler properly it is important that the boiler is turned off. You should turn off the boiler about two hours before the engineer arrives. It will allow the engineer to get straight to the business instead of waiting around so that the boiler is off and ready to get inspected.

  • Keep Manufacturer’s Instructions Nearby

You should keep the manufacturer’s instructions for all the gas appliances in the house nearby. The instructions can help the engineer in solving the problem much easier. The manufacturer’s documents include all the important information.

A landlord will need to keep the tenancy agreement at hand as well and the gas safety check should be done in presence of an adult.

Questions you May Have

What’s included in a Gas Safety Check?

When an engineer performs a gas safety inspection, he will visually inspect the pipework and test its tightness to make sure nothing is leaking. A safe and appropriate installation must also be checked. Therefore, ensuring that an appliance is operating at the correct pressure.

Is it illegal not to have a gas safety certificate?

Gas safety checks must be performed annually by landlords.  Renting a property without a safe gas supply is an extremely serious and criminal offence.

How often do I need a Gas Safety check for my House?

For every gas appliance/flue, there must be an annual gas safety inspection. It is necessary to ensure that these checks are done within one year of the start of the lease date for any new lease.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate