Safety Checklist for New Home Owners

Whenever you buy a new home always prefer to think about home safety first, as it is the most important thing that most people use to skip. For this you can hire the authorized team so that they could check each and everything before you enter the home. Here in this article we are discussing about safety checklist that you should consider before moving in.

1. Change the Locks

After getting the keys of your home you should prefer to change all the locks and install smart door locks and protected deadbolts so that you could make your new home secure. Just because you really don’t know how many people have spare keys that previous owner have given to them. So changing the locks will be the wise idea that you can take, if you don’t want to change locks of entire house then you can only change the lock of main door.

2. Get familiar with electrical System

When you shift in a new house always prefer to get familiar with the electrical system of your new home so that in case of emergency you know exactly from where you have to switch off the main power button. Or if there comes any fault in electrical system you know which breakers you have to check.

3. Check the Pipes

After that other thing that you should check while moving in a new house is to check all the gas and water pipelines. Always prefer to see if there is any leakage, rust stains, and corrosion present on the pipes and if yes then you should prefer to repair them before using them. For this you can hire any professional plumber or acquiring landlords gas safety certificate is another best option because pro engineers could do proper inspection of your entire house, to make it safe from any type of mishap or major burst.

4. Clean Air Ducts and Change Filters

Before shifting into a new home always prefer to hire a professional cleaner so that he could clean and change the furnace, ducts and air conditioning filters. And make sure everything is working and functioning properly or not.

5. Inspect for Lead Paint

If you are buying the house that is built in the era of 1978, then there is possibility that lead paint is used in its walls that could be very dangerous for our health and we should prefer to strip it off from our walls to keep our-self safe and secure. Presently there are lots of companies that are making lead free paints so prefer buying that and apply it on walls before moving in.

6. Secure Cleaning Supplies

At last you should prefer to use all the secure cleaning devices and cleaners that are health and environment friendly. For this there are lots of green cleaning products available in the market that you can choose secure and healthy cleaners for your home. As dangerous and poisonous cleaners use to pollute the air present in your house and become reason of lots of harmful diseases.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate