The Responsibilities of Landlords Regarding Gas Safety

The gas appliances are an important part of commercial buildings. When the gas appliances are installed in the building it is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that they are safe to use. If the gas appliances are not properly installed and maintained then they can become dangerous and instead of offering comfort and luxury cause damage to the property and its occupants.

The safety of the occupants of a commercial building is the responsibility of the landlord. The landlords need to make sure that the building is in perfect condition and people can reside in it without the fear of Co poisoning or a gas leak. The landlords should never ignore their responsibility because they will be compromising the safety of the people. The landlords need to get commercial gas safety certificate London to ensure gas safety.

Here are the landlord’s responsibilities regarding the gas safety so that the landlord’s ensure building safety and fulfill all legal requirements.

Regular Gas Safety Checks:

The landlord has to make sure that all the gas appliances whether it is a stove or a boiler are checked regularly. These appliances should function efficiently and regular checks will make sure that you are able to identify a safety hazard and fix it before it can do any damage.

Before renting the property the landlord should do a thorough safety check. All the appliances should be visually checked so that any signs of deterioration or leakage can be identified. A thorough safety check should be carried out after ten to twelve months. The landlord’s need to make sure that the safety checks are carried out by registered engineers.


The gas appliances are an important part of everyday life and they work hard to offer comfort and luxury. It is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that all the appliances present in the building are maintained. The gas pipework should be kept in perfect condition and the appliances, chimney, and flues should be kept in a safe working condition.

The gas appliances should always be serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions and if there are no instructions then you try annual servicing unless a gas safe registered engineer advised otherwise. The Landlords are only responsible for the appliances that are provided by them. The gas appliances that belong to the tenants are their responsibility and they need to take care of their maintenance. But the landlords still have to ensure that the gas connection provided to the appliance is secure.

Recording the Safety Checks:

Recording the gas safety checks is important because it lets you know how sage the gas connections and appliances are and the maintenance it requires. All the safety checks and maintenance done should be recorded so that you know the precautionary measures you have taken and the steps you need to take to keep the gas appliances in working condition. There are conditions in which the landlords are required to put the safety check on display like when the rental period is less than twenty-eight days. The landlords need to keep the copies of the past safety checks safe.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Landlord Safety Certificate